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This alliance merged to become part of the Union of Communist Republics.

Merger occurred on/around June 22nd, 2011
United Sovereign Federation
Merging with the Union of Communist Republics
United Sovereign Federation

USF Official Flag
USF Motto: Audemus jura nostra defendere (We dare to defend our rights)
Team Color Red team Red
Founder(s) SirTy15
Founded January 21, 2011
International relations
Protected by LSF

AllianceStats Statistics as of August 17th, 2011

Total Nations 1
Strength 1,067
Avg. Strength 1,067
Nukes 0
Rank N/A
Score 0.02
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The United Sovereign FederationEdit


Historic EventsEdit

Historic Events
Date Event
1/20/11 The United Sovereign Federation is founded by SirTy15
1/20/11 United Sovereign Federation and Hellcats Friendship Treaty signed
2/13/11 USF and WUN Peace Intelligence and Aid Treaty signed
2/23/11 Black Knights merge into USF
3/14/11 Co-President SirTy15 declared war on The Axis/ USF-TA War begins
3/17/11 USF reaches its peak of 44 members and 285,629 total alliance strength. Psycho Hellcats disband and the TOF with PH is canceled. USF and UCR PIAT is passed and now in affect. The Axis merges into USF.
3/20/11 Co-President SirTy15, Co-Vice President Sniper Joe and Internal Affairs Officer Anbuassain18 make major changes to the government and constitution of the USF.
3/21/11 The United Sovereign Federation is "merging" members still remaining in Psycho Hellcats into the USF. (This has since been resolved.)
6/11/11 The United Sovereign Federation pushes a new agenda for a strong recruiting campaign after leadership is lost by Longcuttroll and given to Zer0President. Reforms to the finance and security of the alliance are underway.
6/22/11 A strategic merging of USF into UCR begins as founder of this alliance, SirTy15 has abandoned his secret project alliance, FoSR, in which he planned to abandon his alliance brethren.
6/22/11 For the first time since USF's creation, the alliance has lost recognition in the list of all alliances on the site.



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