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United Provinces Stragtegic Rocket Forces
De verenigde Krachten van de Raket van Provincies Strategische
Military of Clinkham Wood Logo
Emblem of the United Provinces Army
Active April 25th 2009-present
Country United Provinces of Clinkham Wood
Role Missile Force
Size 136,689 (incl. 35,000 reserve forces)
Motto From the skies, rains fire
Colors Red
Anniversaries June 30th
Engagements Karma War
Decorations Grand Duke's Gallantry Medal, Grand Duke's Armed Services Medal, Army Medal of Honour, Army Medal for Valour
Lieutenant General Hans-Otto Budde

The United Provinces Strategic Rocket Forces or UPSRF (Dutch: De verenigde Krachten van de Raket van Provincies Strategische) is the arm of service of the United Provinces Defence Force that controls the United Provinces cruise missiles. The UPSRF was formed in the wake of the Karma War following a military reshuffle aimed at ironing out apparent flaws in the Defence Forces military struture.

Like most of the Defence Forces, the Strategic Rocket Forces have been dramatically changed following the Karma War, with the government aiming to incorporate newer capabilities in the face of international threats and to assess the viability of the nuclear deterrent effect provided by their missiles. In early May 2009 the commander of the United Provinces Strategic Rocket Forces stated that 96% of all United Provinces cruise missiles were ready to be launched within an minute's notice.