United Prefectures of Japan
United prefectures of japan
National Flag
"Glory to Japan, to the Emperor"
Capital Tokyo
Official languagess Nihongo
Demonym Japanese
Government Unitary parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy
- Empress Tama-no-Mae
- Prime Minister Kazuya Ayumu
- Pacific Declaration of Liberation

20 May 2011
Major Religions Shinto
National Animal Japanese Red Fox
Total Area 377,944 km2
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Currency Japanese Yen (¥) (JPY)
Literacy Rate 98.4%
Internet TLD .pj
Driving Lane Left
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy
Time Zone UTC+9:00

The United Prefectures of Japan (also referred to as UPJ, Union of Japan, United Prefectures, United Japan or just Japan) is a country in the Pacific Ocean that has separated from the Pacific Empire following the Pacific Declaration of Liberation. Its sovereign territory is the whole of Japan and it borders the United Korean Supreme Republic, the People's Republic of Grand China, and the Pacific Empire.

The United Prefectures of Japan is also one of the biggest importer of BLITZ weapons.


Pre-United JapanEdit

See History of Japan for more information.

Before becoming a colony of the Pacific Empire/Imperial ATLANTIS, Japan faced a serious military crisis during an economic recession which resulted into nation-wide anarchy. Some prefectures were swallowed by bigger and powerful nations while others separated from the government of Japan.

With a broken and disorganized Japan, the prefectures were easily colonized by the Imperial ATLANTIS during the Great Pacific Micro-War. Some of the prefectures even deliberately surrendered and "joined" the Imperial ATLANTIS.

Post-United JapanEdit

During the Great Pacific War, the United Pacific Aligned Coalition kidnapped several STOP leaders and demanded for the Pacific Empire to disband. In compliance with the demand the empire signed the Pacific Declaration of Liberation liberating the prefectures of Japan and forming the United Prefectures of Japan.

During the formation of the UPJ, a large-scale manhunt was initiated to find the lost Imperial House of Japan. With blood tests to find the lost monarchy, Empress Tama-no-Mae has the closest blood relation with the Yamato dynasty and was crowned empress.


Empress Tama-no-Mae


The United Prefectures of Japan is a unitary parliamentary democratic nation with a constitutional monarchy. Its government is patterned after Japan.

The emperor/empress is regarded as the head of the state but has very limited powers. The emperor/empress is often seen as a ceremonial figurehead and is the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people but he/she can also join and raise his/her opinion in political matters.

The Prime Minister holds the power of the government and is the acting head of state/representative of the emperor/empress. The Prime Minister is appointed by the emperor/empress and can be dismissed by him/her also. The Ministers of State are also appointed by the emperor/empress and each of them govern a prefecture of Japan. The Ministers of State also manage the different Ministries of the State. The National Diet is the parliament of Japan and represents the opinions of the people. The Diet is composed of 10 representatives from each prefecture and are appointed into position through elections.


The United Prefectures of Japan is composed of prefectures which are different administrative regions that make up the nation.

Prefectures of japan


The economy of the United Prefectures of Japan is centered on technological advancements which include biotechnology, space research, nanotechnology, and robotics. The anime and video game industries of UPJ are also famous to other nations.


The Japanese Military Armed Forces is the official armed forces of the United Prefectures of Japan. It is divided into two major branches:

  • Japanese Self-Defense Force - the defensive force of the UPJ
    • Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force
    • Japanese Air Self-Defense Force
    • Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Japanese Assault Force - the offensive force of the UPJ
    • Japanese Special Expedition Force
    • JOINT - Japanese Organization of Intelligence Networks and Tactics

Foreign RelationsEdit

The United Prefectures of Japan is a signatory of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact. It also has formal relations with the Pacific Empire and Republic of Oceania who are both military and economic partners of the UPJ.

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