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United Nations
Tournament Edition alliance
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UN Official Flag

Active in Round(s): 3,4
Team Color Blue
Founded Beginning of Round 3

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 02/24/2009

Total Nations 98
Active Nations 71
Percent Active 72%
Strength 105,819
Avg. Strength 1,081
Nukes 0
Score 9.51

United Nations Motto[]

United we stand! United we fight! United we fall!

United Nations Tournament Edition[]

United Nations Tournament Edition alliance was formed at the beginning of round 3. Its leader lionheart1066 (Rude Empire in CN:SE) tried using a forums and level government. After he gained his first 10 nations in the alliance the forums were launched. It was going to plan intill the forums site went down. After that he turned the government into a Dictatorship government were lionheart1066 took control of all affairs and actions of the United Nations right after the conflict with Murder Inc was over. The alliance has dropped from 20+ members to 10 people with 3 active including lionheart1066. Lionheart1066 soon got a protectorate signed with United White which saved the alliance and caused its growth to begin to climb. Afterwards United Nations signed a trade treaty with Black Star 10 & Spetsnaz. United Nations then got involved in a war against the one man alliance \a\ with Spetsnaz. Soon after Spetsnaz ended the trade treaty agreement a few days after the DoW on \a\.


The United Nations soon began to start running for senator on the black team and white team. No United Nation has got into senator at this time.


United Nations vs Murder Inc[]

United Nations was attacked a few days into round 3 by Murder Inc because of a one man attack on a Murder Inc nation. Without Murder Inc attempting to contact United Nations to see peace they attacked the alliance under a DoW and their surrender terms where simply join Murder Inc or face being destroyed. After Judgement declaring war on Murder Inc for their behaviour which saw an end to the war.