United Korean Supreme Republic
United korean supreme republic Coat of arms of korea
National Flag Coat of arms
"Powerful and Prosperous Nation" (English)
National Anthem
Korean peninsula
Capital Pyongyang
Largest City Seoul
Official languagess Korean
Demonym Korean
Government Juche unitary single-party military dictatorship
- Eternal President Kim Il-sung
- Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un
Songun Chairman Kim Jong-un
- Premier Kim Sul-song
- Unification of the
Korean Peninsula

June 1, 2011
National Animal Chollima
Total Area 219,140
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Alliance Affiliation Soviet Union of Socialist Republics
Currency Supreme Korean Won (₩) (SKW)
Internet TLD .sk
Driving Lane Right
Time Zone UTC +9

The United Korean Supreme Republic (also referred as Supreme Korea, Unified Korea, or simply, Korea) was a sovereign state in East Asia that borders the People's Republic of Grand China, the United Prefectures of Japan, and the Pacific Empire. Supreme Korea was established when the whole Korean peninsula was unified by North Korea.

It is one of the founding members of the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics.


Pre-Supreme KoreaEdit

See History of Korea for more information.

After the fall of the United States, North Korea began planning to invade South Korea. However, North Korea was beaten by the Imperial ATLANTIS in colonizing South Korea. After the Pacific Recognition and Peace Treaty was signed, South Korea was given freedom and once again, North Korea attempted to invade it. The Pacific Empire supported South Korea in the rising tensions in the Korean peninsula. After a show of force by the Imperial Military, North Korea abandoned all of its current plans to invade South Korea.

However, during the I-LAW Coup d'etat, Vlad Severin ordered his renegade force to invade South Korea in which he succeeded. Vlad also planned to invade North Korea but he abandoned the plan after the I-LAW Nuke Crisis. After the incident, South Korea had a referendum whether to join the Pacific Empire or to stay as an independent sovereign state. The referendum ended with South Korea becoming a colony of the Pacific Empire.

Post-Supreme KoreaEdit

During the Great Pacific War, North Korea kidnapped the Midwayan Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto and the Midwayan Empress Rinko Hashimoto. Their goal was to establish the Democratic People's Republic of Midway with Daniel Bullock as its leader. The N. Korean attack was then known as the 2011 Midwayan coup d'état. Soon the Pacific Empire, together with the Bermuda Union, launched a rescue operation to get back the Royal Family of the Union of Midway.

As tensions rise within the Korean peninsula, N. Korea launched the Invasion of South Korea with the help from its allies. Eventually, N. Korea was able to control the Imperial Pacific colony and the Korean peninsula was now unified under one ruler.

Currently, the United Korean Supreme Republic is regarded as a hermit nation. It is very secretive regarding its activities especially with its military. The UKSR only trades with its Soviet allies and is currently in an arms race against the Pacific Empire.



See Korean Peninsula and Provinces of Korea for more information.



Foreign RelationsEdit

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