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United Isles Federal Election, 2014
All 138 seats in the Federal Assembly
29 May 2014
First  Second  Third 
UI govern80 Haines80 Ostler80
Leader James Govern Sophie Haines Birgitte Ostler
Party Conservative SDU National Renewal
Leader since 16 March 2014 27 September 2011 28 June 2007
Leader seat Hamptons Valley Ralin South Greater Merrow (list)
Seats won 53 53 17
Seat change Increase2 Increase4 Increase8
Percentage 36.8% 36.7% 11.6%
Swing Increase1.4% Increase2.8% Increase5%

Fourth  Fifth 
Jones80 Barnes80
Leader Laura Jones Jake Barnes
Party Alliance 82 Centre
Leader since 6 December 2012 13 September 2009
Leader seat Walesia (list) Ralin (list)
Seats won 8 7
Seat change Increase5 Increase5
Percentage 6% 5.2%
Swing Increase3.2% Increase3%

Federal Assembly following the election.

Incumbent Chancellor
James Govern
James Govern

The 2014 United Isles Federal Election was held on 29 May 2014 to elect all 138 members of the 20th Federal Assembly. Incumbent Chancellor, who had replaced Matthew Lowe as leader of the Conservative Party earlier in the year, narrowly defeated the SDU led by Sophie Haines. The election proved disappointing for the NPP and Liberal Alliance, both of which failed to make any meaningful gains. The New Right, which had entered the Federal Assembly just four years earlier, became the third largest faction in the Assembly.

The traditional coalition partners, the Conservative/NPP and SDU/Liberal Alliance, failed to secure a majority of seats. Although a continuation of the Grand Coalition between the Conservatives and Social Democrats was considered the most likely outcome, Govern announced on 10 June that he would be forming a government with the New Right. Support for the coalition, while strong among Conservative Party members, was not reflected among the wider population.

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