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The United Incorporated Republics
Official Flag of the UIR Alliance

Official Flag of the UIR Alliance
UIR Motto: In God We Trust
Team Color Team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) King Tallioer
International relations
  • Protectorate of '
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The United Incorporated Republics was headed by King Tallioer. It was founded 1 year ago. The United Incorporated Republics believes in Loyality to each other, Faithfulness to friends, and we believe in protecting those who cannot protect themselves. The UIR will not make deals with countries that treat its citizens poorly. In God We Trust, serve and Obey.

UIR Government/Constitution[]

We the people {countries} of The United Incorporated Republics form as a whole {corporated but incorporated} to ensure a stable community of like nations in the hands of a Central Government {Our selves apart of this government} to ensure that we are a Republic Society in all means necessary but can also be a crowned Republic which we stand for in all means. We shall protect each other {and neighboring alliances and countries} to ensure that we have a stable State of Security and republicishnesses system. We are apart of the government {Republic} but a crowned Republic. We the people believe in a stable community which has given us Security, aid, and friendship {community}. As a community we will always stand for the truth, So help me God and we will never ever trade with anyone {alliances or foreign nations} that treats its own citizens or each other poorley. We stand up for All, even our enemies {at some extint}. We are for All but never should we ever turn our back on each other and we shall always rember what we stand on {our allies are us {at some extinct}, and we shall never forget how and if ever where and are made. We are the nations of The United Incorporated Republics.

King Tallioer Head Of UIR Government