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United Federationn is a medium sized growing nation located on the east coast of North America. Its technology and infrastructure levels are growing exponentially improving the daily life of its citizens and increasing its military and police force power. Kingston, the United Federationn's capital and largest city is located a few miles south of Lake Michigan, one of the 5 great lakes engulfed within its borders. Kingston is a huge manufacturing center filled with buildings and home of the largest skyscraper in the United Federation, simply named "The Needle"

The majority of citizens in the United Federation are in a Christian based religion with numbers over 90% of the population. However Jewish and Muslim religions are slowly starting to expand, however due to the official policy created by the founder and current leader, Cody K, all religions are seen as equal and this has seemed to avoid any political turmoil between any religions.

A population of 821,373,941 was counted in the last official census with the majority living in suburbs of major cities and coastal areas. The national language is modern English but with a secondary language of French quickly expanding due to French speaking tourist visiting many of the nation parks and reserves found in the United Federationn. The Government of the United Federationn is a form of democracy with central government residing over all 25 individual state governments, each state having its own partial self governing. The Democracy is founded of the national constitution written by the founder Cody K.