This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.

United Federation of Armatus
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Team Color [[File:{{{team}}} team.gif]] Aqua and Blue
  • Emperor: Solstice
  • Supreme Commander: Guardian Angel
  • Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Uperbeit
  • Architect of Foreign Affairs: Hellhammer
International relations MDoAP with TDSM8
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Official Charter[edit | edit source]

United Federation of Armatus, Official Charter


The United Federation of Armatus (hereby referred to as the "UFA"), with this Charter, is hereby established with the objective of becoming a dominant force for the future, through the assisting of the individual nation to its full potential on the Black Team.

Our primary focus is to grow and maintain prosperous individual nations. The way we do this is by: periodically supplying aid chains to grow UFA member nations and working successful tech-deals and grants for those who help this alliance succeed. The UFA is dedicated to creating a great environment and sense of brotherhood among its members so they can be proud to call the UFA home. The UFA is dedicated to defending the rights of its individual members.

Government and Structure

The UFA Government is based upon an imperial blueprint, with a single absolute ruler (hereby referred to as the Emperor), three "Commanders" that each carry a unique specific role, and the "Suzerains", which help with management. The following is an outline of said positions and their corresponding roles.

Emperor -Main ruler who oversees all affairs within the UFA -Makes Executive decisions

Commanders -Manages specific Alliance issues -Votes upon issues regarding the UFA (A governing council)

Suzerains -Helps Manage Alliance -Handles all low-threat issues


Magnus Palma The internal affairs department of the Alliance. It manages tech deals, aid chains, recruiting new members, and internal disputes to keep the alliance running smoothly.

Twilight Eye The foreign relations department of the alliance. It manages all relations with other alliances and diplomacy. It is also responsible for the alliance's Propaganda Program.

Bellicose Grande The elite military department of the alliance. It manages all military affairs such as ghosts, wars, DEFCON levels, and training. All members must apply for a battalion within Bellicose Grande.

Suzerain Academy The UFA's Suzerain Academy is the main educational entity. The Academy courses educate young members upon: The History of the UFA, Nation Construction (How to effectively build the individual nation to its potential), and finally, Military Action (How to war effectively).

The Academy is required for all members wishing to advance in rank within the UFA.


UFA offers federal grants to nations within the alliance who are active and contribute the time needed to make UFA a prosperous alliance:

Nation Building Grant $1,500,000 in aid will be awarded to nations who: -have at least 30 posts on forums -Has been in UFA for at least 14 days -Have completed the Suzerain Academy

UFA World Grant $3,000,000 in aid will be awarded to nations who: -Have at least 80 posts on forums -Has been in UFA for 1 Month (30 Days) -Have completed the Suzerain Academy

You must fill out out a form to receive grants from the government.

Foreign Relations[edit | edit source]

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