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United Federation Of Nations
Team Color Blue team Blue
  • Federation Army
Leader(s) Captain: Federation Army
Other Officials

Commander Council

  • Commander Of Military: N/A
  • Commander Of FA: n/A
  • Commander Of IA: n/a
Blue Senate and
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Who we are[]

The United Federation of Nations is here to: - explore relations with other allinces of BoB. - To presurve tranqulity as peacemakers. - To protect itself from Our enemies.

Federation Charter[]

The Federation[]

Each member of our great Federation has the right to voice a personal opinion and will never be denied information even if deemed sensitive if asked. We are a band of brothers with the goal of succeeding amongst our other great alliances around us.

The Captain and Council[]

The Captain is the sole leader of the Federation and the leader of the Captains’s Council. He has the right to promote a demote one from Council, or any other public office. The captains word is final in a decision concerning the Federation.

The Captain's Council can only be chosen by the Captain on the basis of merit.

Amendment of the Charter[]

Any member can submit a motion to amend the Charter to the Federation Assembly. The Amendment will be discussed and voted upon within 7 days and upon securing a vote of 75% in favour, the motion will be passed. The captain can exercise a right of veto over any amendments proposed or passed.

Significant Blue Team Alliances
CurrentNATONpOWTFOld GuardAvalanche
MovedABCBSCCCColossusFCOFUCNIPALoSSPLUSThe RenegadeSanitarium(1)WAPA
See alsoActive: none
Defunct: Agora AccordsBLEUBlunity AccordsSirius
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