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The United Earth Directorate leadership crisis was a series of events that took place from December 20 to December 30, 2009, resulting in a change of government for the alliance and its eventual disbandment.


The issue erupted when TimLee created a thread[1], announcing that the Charter of UED had been invalidated by King Death II and Roofus, as the original charter proclaimed Roofus as Supreme The People's Premier and King Death II as The People's Representative forever, but in the most recent announcement it was revealed that they had switched positions around. TimLee thus announced that he King Death II subsequently edited their charter, removing those points. At this point, it was widely presumed to be a joke, with Locke announcing the cancellation of all UED's treaties[2] (except for the Blood Bond), signing himself off as "Minister of Foreign Affairs", and including Tromp as "Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs".

At this point, UED Senior Member Wulff posted an announcement[3] stating that "The United Earth Directorate has just concluded a vote and we have decided to impeach King Death II as the Premier of UED" and that "[we] accept the new leadership of TimLee of the Republic of BaN", before signing the announcement with "The United Earth Directorate Membership". While many took it too as a joke, some[4] recognized it as a genuine move, whilst others pointed out that they had no impeachment process in the first place.

It was at this point revealed that there was no joke, as UED member KOwen06 announced[5] the successful impeachment and expulsion of King Death II from the alliance. A new charter was being drawn up, and a new IRC channel had been registered with a a new forum soon to follow. Finally, UED announced a new government, which consisted of KOwen06 as the new "People's Premier". With the number of announcements (real and fake) growing, King Death II attempted to clarify[6] the issue, announcing that he was still in charge while every other announcement was false. He was immediately[7] rebuked by Wulff for this. Nine minutes later, King Death II posted his "Last Announcement"[8] in which he informed the Cyberverse that he resigned from UED, cancelled all treaties signed and disbanded the alliance, citing the reason that he "[didn't] have enough patience for this drama". KOwen06 followed it up with a small note[9] in the same announcement stating that "UED was not disbanding, KDII had no right to do is" with a general warning not to poach UED members. Then another issue appeared, to the fact that World Federation was still paying reparations from the war. Argument soon appeared, some said that wF had only promised reparations to King Death's government. Others said that they wanted a more stable government before any reps are sent. Baltus, the Overseas Affairs Director of wF, stated that none of this was official and wF is discussing it internally and with UED. On December 23, it was announced that the new UED government had signed a Economic Development and Optional Defense Pact with Athens.[10] On the same date, Wulff announced[11] the changes that had occurred internally in the UED. Among them were the revision of the Charter, a new look government being formed, updates on their treaties and the fact that the United Earth Directorate would revert to the older flag.

On December 30, 2009, Wulff disbanded the United Earth Directorate, ending the crisis.[12]

Later, it was found out that it was a scheme by Athens plotting to remove King Death II as leader of the UED. [13]

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