The United Cyber Nations was an alliance created in October 2006 by the nation of Freedomtopia

Early WeeksEdit

After the UCN's formation a nation called Adaland contacted the Grand Parliment of the UCN complaining that an alliance called the UCN was already in existance. A crisis arose that almost led to war, but war was avoided after Adaland agreed to join the UCN and take a seat on the security council.

Attempted Coup d etatEdit

In the coming weeks the UCN completed the parts all alliances needed to run. It had a Parliment, a Security council, Intelligence agency, General Secretary, Defense Minister and trade council. When this was all in place the alliance started to recruit new members to join the alliance. During this period the security council and alliance members had become highly suspicious of Adaland and its intentions. On 15 November 2006 the nation of Adaland under its leader Aido Toth attempted to take control of the alliance forums to become the UCN's dictator. To acheive this he had formed together a colaition of six nations to attack the UCN's leading members. All the UCN members fought bravely but were overwhelmed, Adaland had won. But Adalands overall plan failed when the rulers of Bobland and Freedomtopia who were admins on the forums logged into the admin section and banned Adaland from the forums. Aido Toth became annoyed at this and fmade up claims that the UCN founding nations where multis. His allies backed him up, and hours later the founding members of UCN were banned from cybernations, vowing to return and exact revenge against Adalands tyranny.


In the following weeks the forums were abandoned and all members went into hiding by masking their alliance affiliation. On November 25, 2006, a meesage was sent to all members telling them the alliance was disbaned. To this day the alliance forums remain empty and abandoned.

List of nations attacked by Adaland and its alliesEdit

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