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Merge sign Merge notice
This alliance merged with Crescent Moon Republic to form Obsidian.

Merger occurred on/around 29 January 2008


The United Black States was a short-lived black alliance founded by Thewsamity and Jkush. Corey Faith also brought his alliance the Coalition of United Countries to create a solid alliance. Other notable members include Crazyisraelie.


Shortly after UBS's inception both Thewsamity and Jkush gave up on the alliance and turned over control to Corey Faith and Crazyisraelie who proceeded to reform the alliance. After a month of strong recruitment and reform the UBS leadership as able to befriend the Crescent Moon Republic. Talk of merger soon emerged and eventually CMR leader Elborrador agreed to merger terms that would make Corey Faith king and Elborrador prince of the new black alliance Obsidian.