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Union of Communists Treaty

Preamble The membership of the Union of Democratic Communist States, (UDCS) hereby proposes to the membership of the The Union of Communist Republics a Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) to be valid until such time as one or both of the organizations involved have decided for it to no longer be in their interests. It would be asked herein that upon breaking of the pact, the membership of the organization which ever has decided to make this document void, give at least a 2 day warning to the other group before doing so.

The principles of the MDP themselves are clear in that it will be a treaty strengthening the defensive capabilities of both alliances by combining them. Further more, this MDP may very well lay the groundwork for even further co-operation between our comrades and brothers in arms, if it were so desired and/or necessary.

The MDP would concretely mean that:

Article I. Any nation, group or alliance attacking either the UDCS or the UCR will be met with the combined force of the member nations of both alliances. This applies as well to any member within the UCR, and all members of the UDCS.

Article II. Any member nation of either alliance not adhering to #1 will be subject to disciplinary action by said nation's alliance.

Article III. Should either alliance refuse to come to the aid of their comrades as stipulated in #1 the MDP is rendered null and void.

Article IV. If by any way either alliance actively provokes another alliance into attacking them, whether it is through attacking one of its members, spying or purposely provoking another alliance into being the aggressor in any other way [baiting etc], this MDP is null and void.

Conclusion This Mutual Defence Pact between the Union of Democratic Communist States (UDCS) and the Union of Communist Republics (UCR) is signed in good faith. This pact is considered superior to and can override any standard Non-Aggression Pact if ever there is a conflict of interest between them.

With solidarity in mind,

Signed for:

President Warren Jarol The People's Council, The Union of Democratic Communist States

Premier Nikita Gregarin Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics, The Union of Communist Republics

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