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This alliance has disbanded as of October 17th, 2013. More information is available here.
Unified Confederation of Nations

Flag of UCoN
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) Reghar73, Namayan, thelittlejd, domina, Sarahleigh, ChesterStevensDevonn, Terrence Krillins
Founded March 12 2013

Patri Fodera

  • Ayu

Patri Internus

  • Namayan

Patri Bellicus

  • Eumirbago
International relations


  • Gladius




Protected AAs

AllianceStats Statistics as of 9/1/2013

Total Nations 14
30-day net loss
Avg. Strength 33,260
Nukes 152
Aid Efficiency 25 / 80 (31.25%)
Rank 109
Score 1.98
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The Unified Confederation of Nations is a small alliance on the Green sphere. It was founded on March 12 2013. It was made as a successor to the United Coalition of Nations, to rebuild after it's war with Death Before Dishonor. It was founded by members of United Coalition of Nations and formely held a record for the largest 7 Day Nation Gain. Howlin Mad of Mortal Wombat once described UCoN as "a group of super rad people, some of the most rad people I have ever known infact and also I heart TK"

Unified Confederation of Nations CharterEdit

Section 1: Leadership

Article 1: The Patricians -Unified Confederation of Nations shall be ruled by 3 Patricians, those being the Patri Fodera (Foreign Affairs), Patri Internus (Internal Affairs) and Patri Bellicus (War/Defense). -All decisions must be discussed between the three Patri with the majority vote being held as the final decision. -In circumstances of war, all 3 Patricians must agree in order to move forward. If one is absent or silent within 24 hours during conflict, a decision can be made between the 2 active Patris so long as the third is fully informed upon returning. -In circumstances of treaties during peacetime, all 3 Patricians must agree upon it for approval even if one is absent. During Wartime, emergency treaties can be passed with the votes of 2 Patricians. -Each Patrician is responsible for their own department and will be given full control to run it as they see fit with full respect and cooperation from the others. -Each Patrician has his own family/sect/political family that can sponsor or support other junior members. These groups are freely joinable by any member if offered the position or status. -In cases of emergency, any Patrician has the right to step in and take over another Patrician's department. This is only allowable when actions not carried out within 12 hours would be detrimental to the alliance's survival.

Article 2: The Seat of Plebeians Each department will have no less than one Plebian. While they have no official power to influence the alliance's policies, each Plebian will be under the direction of the Patrician of their department and expected to perform whatever duties are assigned to them. They are required to host regular counsel with the Patricians and seek guidance before implementing any new programs to ensure their focus is aligned with the over all focus of the alliance.

Article 3: Leadership Responsibilities

To ensure the strength and well being of the alliance.

To help counsel and encourage new nations on their growth.

To create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere where people make friends as well as discuss game issues.

To work towards building a strong and stable influence in CN politics.

To foster and nurture friendly relations with our allies both in peace time and war.

To provide military support to all nations in UCON as well as all allies.

Section 2: A UCoNite

Article 1: Privilege of A UCoNite Getting a membership to Unified Confederation of Nations is a privilege and should be treated as such. All members are required to follow UCoN rules and regulations as well as staying active on UCoN forums and where possible UCoN’s IRC channels Gladius members also are required to observe this clause. Article 2: Requirements to obtain membership

All novices must complete a full application.

All novices must make whatever changes to their nation deemed necessary.

All novices applicants must take the UCoN admissions exam within 7 days after getting accepted. Applicants have 3 tries to pass the entrance exam.

Novices are required to post on the introductory forum thread

The Novices AA Name is Gladius.

The Gladius AA is a non-sovereign AA governed by a Doctore//Doctora. This is an appointed member of the UCoN Patricians. This member has absolute power over the AA Gladius.

To join the full AA a nation must achieve the following.

4999.99 infrastructure

Minimum of 500 Tech

550 Spies

Federal Aid Commission

Disaster Relief Agency

One Billion War-chest (admittance can be approved 3/3 Patrician vote prior) There is no prerequisite for a nation joining the Gladius AA, there purpose of this applicant AA is to prove the novice is worthy of joining a UCoNite family. UCoN pledges full support of helping the novice nation achieving this goal.

Article 3: Rights as a UCoNian. All members are granted the right to protection provided by fellow alliance members. If the member needs protection due to their own action which breaks any UCoN rules or regulations, this right is null and void. Every member has the right to take part in all programs ran by the alliance as long as they meet the program's set requirements. All members are guaranteed the right to express their opinions, whether positive or negative about the alliance's inner and outer workings so long as they do so in a respectful manner. Name calling or use of abusive language makes this right null and void. Any member accused of breaking any rules or regulations will be dealt with by the Unified Confederation of Nations Leadership. All members have the right to peacefully leave the alliance once all their debts have been repaid and a proper resignation posted during peacetime.

Section 3: Commandments and Protectorate Article 1: Commandments Breaking any of the following rules or regulations will result with you being brought before the our Patricians for possible disciplinary action or expulsion.

Declaring war on a nation without prior authorization during peace time is not allowed.

All tech deals must be completed as agreed upon by all UCON parties involved.

All members are required to follow the wonder outline.

All new members must be on the green team, unless otherwise given permission.

Posting on the CN forums must be respectful of those involved and in wartime be limited to the patrium..

All members must follow the direct orders given to them by the Patricians and Plebians during war time.

Espionage is not acceptable within Unified Coalition of Nations. Taking screenshots and/or logs of private conversations, and other information without consent form the Patricians is strictly forbidden. Abusive or illegal conversations are allowed to be recorded if submitted on the forums as soon as they happen. Article 2: Protectorate of Gladius. We the sovereign AA of UCoN hereby claim full protection of the AA known as Gladius. This AA exists and is governed by the appointed Doctore//Doctora. It’s charter is a carbon copy of relevant parts of this document. Members can be added or removed at the parent AA’s request. UCoN afford complete and utter Defence of this AA. If the AA Gladius goes to war in an aggressive way the AA UCoN can choose whether or not to participate. This is known as an MDoAP. The Gladius AA can goto war on it’s own without support from UCoN and can operate as an independent entity. Signed by the Patrium on behalf of UCoN Signed by the Doctore//Doctora on behalf of Gladius.

Section 4: Allegiance Article 1: Alliance Comes First Any nation by being a full member of UCoN acknowledge and accept that the alliance as a whole comes before any individual nation, they agree to be symbiotic with the alliances goals providing financial support to the AA as required, tutoring and defence if any is required. No treaties may be entered into that could put UCoN's sovereignty at risk. No treaty can be sanctioned without prior approval for discussions to begin.

Article 2: Allies All allies are to be treated as if they are one and the same as UCoNites. The well being of their nations is just as important as the well being of our own.

Section 5: Declaration and Execution of War

Article 1: Acceptable DOW Reasons

Attacks made against a member with the opposing alliance refusing to resolve the issue peacefully.

An alliance/nation poses itself as a threat to UCoN's sovereignty over its own nations.

A nation is caught sending spies against another member's nation with the approval of their Patricians.

An alliance is caught actively poaching UCoN's members.

A rogue nation/AA has declared on a member.

Any other reason that the entire Patrician Council view as an attack or threat to its sovereignty.

An attack on the AA’s allies with relevant defence/aggression clauses being activated.

Severe Insult to UCoN or her allies.

Any attack on the AA known as Gladius.

Article 2: Approval of War Individual wars may be approved by the Patrician Bellicus or any Plebian of Bellicus. If no one from Bellicus can be reached within 12 hours, any other Patrician may approve an individual war so long as they inform the Patrician Bellicus post haste. -Alliance wide wars must be approved unanimously by all 3 Patricians. If one is absent or silent within 24 hours during conflict, a decision can be made between the 2 active Patris so long as the third is fully informed upon returning.

Article 3: Use of Nuclear Weapons The use of nuclear weapons on an individual war must be approved by at least by 2 Patricians.

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