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Uncle Bs House
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Established 5/30/2007
(6,256 days old)
Alliance New Pacific Order
New Pacific Order
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Since 05/28/2011 (4,797 days)
Era of Boldness
Nation Team Team: Red Red


Uncle B founded his first nation in early 2007, and applied to join the New Pacific Order on May 30 of that year. He was impressed with the recruitment message being well worded, the forum nicely created and the Order had ideals close to his own. After being accepted he passed the Academy and became a full member of the Order.

New Pacific Order[]

After being accepted Uncle B began to take up jobs within Pacifica to further the alliance. He joined the Mentor Corp which helps teach new Pacificans the way of the alliance and how things are done. His work was recognized and throughout the various incarnations of the New Pacific Order, from it existing as an independent department, through ACE and into SCS he has held many different positions. He was a leader of Division II in SCS, controlling a number of Mentors as well as looking after his own Mentees.

Uncle B also joined the Spirit Guard, an organization for promoting morale and Pacifican activities. His lasting imprint on the Spirit Guard was the creation of Franco's Star. Franco's Star is a star shaped symbol that appeared on the map of the New Pacific Order which required members to take up precise positions to create the shape. He carried over his work into ACE and became a Knave. Following the morphing of ACE to SCS Uncle B became Chief Observer of the Star Guard. He also worked in the New Pacific Order and was an ambassador to the Siberian Tiger Alliance.

For Uncle B, he took great pride in the Star Guard. He helped build it up from nothing, and now it successfully continues the job he helped start. He felt a real sense of achievement that not only is his work there viewable for all Pacificans but also by every other member of the Cyberverse. Some of the most influential members of Pacifica for Uncle B include Sir Donald R. Deamon, Millionario and Kylliah. Uncle B hoped to continue his good work in the NPO by someday becoming a Councilor as well as moving up the Diplo Ranks.

During the Karma War, Uncle B decided to leave Pacifica, and he joined Sparta before eventually settling in the Mostly Harmless Alliance.

During the DH-NPO War Uncle B re-applied to the New Pacific Order and was accepted the day before the war ended on May 28, 2011.


War Ribbons[]

Uncle B's NPO War Ribbon Bar

ONOS · FAN · RED · Gpawar2
Mk1lw8 · Jarheadswarribbon · GrudgeWar


SCS Silver Award Award for being the former leader of Franco's Star Award for the creation of Franco's Star