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Umbrella Official Flag

Umbrella War Flag
Umbrella War Flag
Umbrella Motto: C.R.E.A.M
Team Color Black team Black
Founded Christmas Eve, 2007
International relations See below

AllianceStats Statistics as of March 27, 2015

Total Nations 81
Strength 12,346,287
Avg. Strength 152,423
Nukes 1,681
Aid Efficiency 85.57%
Rank 4
Score 44.18
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Umbrella is a sanctioned, medium-sized, upper-tier alliance on the black team.

About UmbrellaEdit

You can stay underneath my Umbrella-ela-ela-ela. Umbrella is a quiet, exclusive alliance that resides on the Black sphere. They enjoy a high average nation strength of over 90,000, resulting in a total nation strength of almost 7.8M.

Charter and GovernmentEdit

Main article: Charter of Umbrella

Umbrella is ruled by a democratically elected president who appoints a vice-president and his ministers. The alliance is run by the parasols, who are charged with determining which treaties Umbrella will sign and which applicants will be accepted. The official charter can be read here.

Fun FactsEdit

  • The average Umbrellailure owns 20 nukes (which is 5 lower than it should be).

War history Edit

War Start date
End date
Length Combatants Outcome
Woodstock Massacre 2/13/2008
29 days Umbrella & allies v.s. Green Protection Agency Victory
War of the Coalition 8/13/2008
26 days Umbrella & allies v.s. New Polar Order Victory
Karma War 4/23/2009
17 days Umbrella & allies v.s. Valhalla, Zenith, BAPS, Olympus, OMFG Victory
Second Unjust War 1/26/2010
3 days Umbrella & allies v.s. NV, TFD, NATO, NADC White Peace
TOP-C&G War 2/7/2010
56 days Umbrella & allies v.s. Legion, M*A*S*H, NATO, TFD Victory
DH-NPO War 1/24/2011
125 days Umbrella & allies v.s. NPO, BoS, ML, NADC, Avalon, TOOL Victory
DH-Chestnut War 12/7/2011
1 day Umbrella & allies v.s. NPL, CRAP, TTK, CSN White Peace
Grudge War 12/9/2011
24 days Umbrella & allies v.s. MCXA, Knights of Ni! Victory
Dave War 6/14/2012
53 days Umbrella & allies v.s. Fark, Hellas, Sparta Victory
Anti-BIBO War 1/16/2013
70 days Competence v.s. Equilibrium Loss
Disorder War 11/4/2013
105 days Umbrella & allies v.s. Non Grata, Nordreich Victory
Doom War 11/12/2014
2,101 days Umbrella & allies v.s. Supernova-X Victory

Foreign relations Edit


^ The original MHA MDoAP was downgraded to an ODP without an OWF announcement on Sep 19, 2011 and an optional aggression clause added in 2013.

Former blocs Edit

See also Edit

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