Ulator (Eng. pron. /ulatəɹ/, Chuv. Ulatŏr, Russ. Алатырь, Erzya Rator Osh, Finn. Ulatöri) is a Uralican city in southwest Chuvashia, almost right on the border with Mordoviya. It is also the third major point along Highway UH-1 when going from west to east, after Saransk and Krasnoslobodsk.

A very well-rounded city economically, Ulator's main industries include railroad production and repair, construction of heavy machinery, agriculture, and food production. There is a large retail sector in the city, a decent tourist market, and also, the city takes education perhaps more seriously than most cities its size, with a small agricultural college and a small mining college supplementing the mandatory State College of Uralica.

Culture Edit

Russians, Erzya-speaking Mordvins, and Chuvash are the three main ethnic groups within Ulator, with small populations of Tatars and Mari also living in the city. It is remembered fondly by Mordvins as having been a "sanctuary city" during the Uralic Purges, because of the fierce defence of Uralics by the Chuvash Turks, who were themselves once the subject of Russian extremist persecution.

Nowadays, it has a reputation as a friendly city (given Uralica's reputation as friendly to all who enter the nation outside of war circumstances, this says something about how friendly "Ulatoris" are!) that has a lot to offer in the way of tourist sites. There are several grand churches and cathedrals (Orthodox for the most part) in the older parts of the city, two large Orthodox monasteries (the Monastery Of The Holy Spirit for men, and the Kievo-Nikolayevsky Monastery for women), and a wide variety of other older buildings that survived numerous global conflicts.

Sport Edit

Ulator only has five professional sports clubs, and none of them are in leagues yet.

Football (Soccer) Edit

Nelonen Edit

  • Chŏvash Ulatŏr
  • Stal Ulator

Other Pro/Semi-Pro Edit

  • FK Ulator
  • Spartak Ulator
  • Dinamo Ulator
  • Progress Ulator
  • Bratstvo Ulator
  • Zheleznik Ulator
  • Lokomotiv Ulator
  • Transit Ulator
  • Mashinostroitel Ulator
  • Atlantis Ulator
  • Metallist Ulator

Handball Edit

  • Alatyrsky RMS (non-League)

Ice Hockey Edit

  • Ulator Horde (non-League)

Rugby Edit

  • Ulator RFK (non-League)

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

  • Yamskoy
  • Yalushevo
  • Chuvarley
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