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Ukhta (Finn. Uhta) is the most important industrial city in Uralica as it is the centre of Uralica's burgeoning mining trade, even though it is only Uralica's seventeenth-largest city. Surprisingly, it is also the home of the headquarters of the Uralikan Ykköspankki, the main bank of Uralica. The reason this is surprising is that the biggest centres of commerce in Uralica are Kirov and Yekaterinburg.

Despite the heavily industrial nature of Ukhta, the city isn't drab and bleak-looking like the stereotypical "industrial city," in large part due to Uralica's commitment to cleaner industry in general. The air quality in Ukhta is no worse than in any other major centre of the nation. Furthermore, the architecture has a distinctly Komi feel to it, although there are also many modern buildings in the city.

Ukhta is an important rail hub to the northern tundras, and is a major stopover point on Highway UH-1.

Militarily, it was from Ukhta that the defence of Long Rifle against Amerzica (in "A Tale of Two Ghosts") was launched, and it is the home of an important Uralican Air Force base.


Ukhta is heavily influenced by the peoples of the north, particularly the Komi, who are indigenous to this particular area, and the Nenets from just to the north. Many Russians also live in Ukhta and many more work in Ukhta, having come from Ukhta's smaller twin to the east, Sosnogorsk. There is also a large population of Finns in Ukhta.

As with other Uralican centres, music is an integral part of life. The Ukhta Radio Symphony Orchestra is based in the Uhtan Juhlasali, and the Uralican Symphony Orchestra has been known to perform there from time to time as well. Komi and Nenets traditional music, including a form of throat-singing, is on display regularly at the Ukhtan Community Centre.

Ukhta can also lay claim to the first Uralican feature or building named after Sheldomar Bolak, the CCC's ex-Chancellor - this is the Sheldomar Bolak Building, the headquarters of Bolak Corp., the largest corporation in Uralica, and the third-tallest building in Uralica. Only the Uralican World Trade Centre in Syktyvkar and the Kirovski Bashnya in Kirov are taller.


Football (Soccer)[]



  • Turan Ukhta
  • FK Ukhta


  • CSKA Ukhta
  • CSKVC Ukhta (aka Air Force Ukhta)
  • FK Bolak Ukhta


  • FK Ukhta II
  • Spartak-II Ukhta

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Gornyak Ukhta
  • Dinamo Ukhta
  • Zheleznik Ukhta
  • Zenit Ukhta
  • Zvezda Ukhta
  • Komi Ukhta
  • Progress Ukhta
  • Transit Ukhta
  • Ukhta-Sosnogorsk United
  • Uhtan Palloklubi 2010
  • MTK Ukta


  • KPK Uhta

Ice Hockey[]

  • HK Ukhta
  • CSKVC Ukhta


  • Uhtan Jääpalloklubi

Cross-Country Skiing[]

  • Ukhta Park - one of the world's few public cross-country race tracks.

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

NOTE: it should be noted that while Sosnogorsk is part of the same Unitary Authority as Ukhta, it is technically an independent municipal body.

  • Ust'-Ukhta (Finn. Uhtavirta)
  • Shuyadag (Finn. Sujataki)
  • Borovoy (Finn. Porvoi)
  • Vodny (Finn. Vesila)
  • Yarega (Finn. Jarika)