Udmurtiya North (Russ. Северная Удмуртия, Finn. Pohjoisutmurttia) is a Uralican county in the south of the country, comprising the northern half of the historical region of Udmurtiya, the homeland of the Udmurt people. It actually uses the original flag of the historical region of Udmurtia.

Udmurtiya North

Flag of Udmurtiya North.

Agreeing on the partitioning of Udmurtiya took some time, however once an agreement was settled, the northern county would end up containing the city/town districts of Glazov and Votkinsk as well as the historical districts of Yar, Glazov, Balezino, Kez, Yukamenskoye, Krasnogorskoye, Igra, Debyosi, Sharkan, Yakshur-Bodya, Votkinsk, Selty, and Syumsi.

Udmurtiya North is a very industrialised area, with mining, metal refinery, and manufacturing being the main industries, although there is also a large hi-tech sector as well.

Glazov is the county seat.

Important Cities and Towns Edit

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