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FK Udmurtiya Izhevsk
We Will Prevail
Type Club
City Izhevsk, Uralica
Nickname(s) Vihreävalkoiset, Zelenobyelye
(The Green and White), UIFK
Founded 1988
Ground Christian Sport Stadion
Capacity: 20,000
League Bolakliiga
Rank 2nd, Bolakliiga 2009
Manager Taras Zakhariyev

Udmurtiya Izhevsk is a Uralican football (soccer) club, one that is rich in history. Although it never reached the top level of the Russian system (the only Uralican teams that can claim they have are Amkar Perm' and Ural Yekaterinburg), it was a constant presence in the second level from 1996 to 2004, nearly making the Premier League in 1996 when they only missed out by three points. But from then on, they hovered around mid-table, up to 2003 when they began to drift toward the bottom and then finally crashed out the following season.

Cataclysm was probably the best thing that could have happened to the team, as odd as this may seem. In the three seasons that followed, they completely swept the regional gold, capturing three Udmurt League titles and three Udmurt Cup titles.

Their Bolakliiga debut could not have been better. They were one of the two teams that beat eventual champs Sikkivukarin Palloseura (they did so on their own pitch) and they managed to outdo Dinamo Kirov in spite of Khavkuk Shlomov's superior goalscoring touch, finishing second by two points in a nailbiter of a season. They had slightly less luck in the Kanslerinkilpi, where they lost a heartbreaking semifinal matchup against Dinamo Arkhangel'sk.

They are expected to be contenders in 2010 as well.

Naming History[]

  • 1988-1993: Gazovik Izhevsk
  • 1994-2005: FC Gazovik-Gazprom Izhevsk
  • 2006-2007: FC Soyuz-Gazprom Izhevsk
  • 2008-2009: Gazovik Izhevsk
  • 2010: FK Udmurtiya Izhevsk

Current Roster[]


  • 1 Vlasi Glebov
  • 16 Marko Borshevsky
  • 22 Fülöp Kemeny


  • 2 CB Gerasim Patsayev
  • 3 CB Filip Gondyrev (©)
  • 4 LB Semyon Chushyalov
  • 5 RB Vadim Sazonov
  • 6 CB/RB Mikhail Chezhegov
  • 15 LB/RB Maksim Kaisin


  • 7 AM Feofan Skvortsov
  • 8 RM Yuri Golubovsky
  • 11 LM Krisztián Egerszegi
  • 14 RM Edömér Nyilas
  • 17 LM Matti Laukkanen
  • 18 CM Udyog Hubertov
  • 20 DM German Andropov (vice-©)


  • 9 Pyotr Varenkov
  • 10 Yaroslav Trifanov
  • 12 Yevgeny Chaykovsky
  • 13 Taras Kolpakov
  • 19 Dmitri Pasternak