This alliance has disbanded as of 2012.

UC Official Flag
UC Motto: Come Play.
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Snikt
International relations

Ubercon was a small but close-knit group of real-life friends who protect and guide one another through the Cyberverse. It was formed by core members Snikt, Songzi, Loki1929, Chani, and Eris Black in Snikt's subterranean cave beneath the fields of central Maryland.

History Edit

Ubercon was formed in late September 2006 following the introduction by Songzi and Loki1929 of the remaining core members to the Cyberverse. It was decided that an alliance would help promote stability and security, as well as the semi-annual gaming convention by the same name [1].

War History Edit

The Ubercon alliance actively participated in Great Wars II and III, assisting its allies wherever possible against nations of We Are Perth Army, The Militia, GATO, and others. Since the fall of 2007, Ubercon remained neutral.

Hall of Fame Edit

Former Ubercon Officials:

  • Snikt, of Sniktopia
  • Loki Ire, of Loki Imperium
  • Kiruzog, of Macando
  • Alrin, of Midgaardia
  • Randalla, of The HiElands
  • DaWiz The First, of Canyon Land
  • Cerridwyn, of Greenpeace
  • Trinit of Casterz

Requescat in Pace Edit

On April 6, 2012, Ubercon officially ceased existence.

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