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Treaty Type: Non-Aggression Pact
Treaty Signed: January 13, 2007
Treaty Status: Active

Treaty Text[]

A formal pact of non-aggression between the United Sovereign Nations (hereby referred to as USN) and the The Templar Knights (hereby referred to as TTK)

Article I[]

Members from either the USN or TTK may not declare war or enter hostilities with a member from the other alliance. If a nation is attacked then the attacked person must not retaliate but instead go to their alliance and explain what's happened. After that, the opposite alliance should be calmly approached and within 36 hours the person(s) at fault must pay reparations equal to the amount of damage caused to the victimized nation and an additional punitive amount not to exceed the damages. If the aggressor nation fails to do so, they shall be immediately expelled from their respective alliance. When the 36th hour after the initial attack is reached, if no such action is taken by the attacking alliance, and no such reparations have been paid by the attacking nation, then this pact will be terminated immediately.

Article II[]

In signing this pact it is acknowledged that no acts of espionage must be undertaken against either alliance. Spying by the USN into the TTK, or by the TTK into USN, will result in a 48-hour truce, followed by termination of the NAP.

Article III[]

Either alliance undertaking action (aggressive or defensive) against other alliances or nations not party to this document does so without the implication to the other signatory. In the event that either of the said alliances enters a transgression (defensive or aggressive), the other alliance is not obligated to participate for either side.

Article IV[]

This treaty can be revoked at any time by either alliance's respective primary decision making body. Notification of this termination must be received 48 hours in advance of the termination. Once notification has been issued to the opposite alliance, a 48-hour grace period shall stand whereas violence and aggressive acts will not be issued. After that, the articles of this pact will be terminated.

Signed for TTK,[]

  • Grand Master, Gran The Terrible
  • Internal Perceptor, PanThePiper
  • Elder Councillor, DeathStalker
  • Elder Councillor, Ferrous
  • Elder Councillor, Syzygy
  • Elder Councillor, jedi soccer players

Signed for USN,[]

  • Marine91: Admin Council
  • Someone: Admin Council
  • Osama EBW: Admin Council
  • Flyskate: High Council, Minister of Foreign Affairs