Date March 10–17, 2011
Casus belli raid
Result The Axis merges into USF
Preceded by
PB-NpO War
Succeeded by
Thriller-AcTi War
United Sovereign Federation

United Sovereign Federation
The Axis

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On March 10, 2011, a member (Castropilas) of a small, four person alliance called The Axis attacked a member of United Sovereign Federation. At first, the USF tried to solve the issue diplomatically but, 4 days later a second members of The Axis (bluntdestroyers) attacked the same member of the United Sovereign Federation that was initially attacked. There were still no replies from the diplomatic messages sent by the United Sovereign even until that day. SirTy15, Co-President of the United Sovereign Federation, declared war against The Axis. After war had been declared, 2 members of the USF attacked the leader of TA. War continued for another 2 days and a third member of TA declared war on another USF member. March 17, 2011, 3 TA members begged for peace. The state of war between The Axis officially ended March 17, 2011. The Axis has merged into the USF and fighting ceased.

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