U.S. Brians Room
Official Flag of U.S. Brians Room

National Flag
"Esto Excellens Inter Se"
Capital City Moodovia
Established 1/27/2006
Government Type Monarchy.png Monarchy
Ruler USBR
Nation Team Team: Red Red
Currency Dollar Dollar
Native Resources Gold.GIFPigs.GIF

Founded in May 2006, the United States of Brians Room has returned to the Cyberverse after a prolonged absence. Most recently he served as NPO Diplomat to the Grämlins.

Before to his sabbatical, USBR served as Imperial Attorney General for the New Pacific Order. Prior to his last appointment, he served as Imperial Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Officer, and as an Alliance Councillor. In his role as IAG, he reviewed all treaties and documents signed by the Emperor that have legal power, and was charged with working with the Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs team on reviews of the state of Pacifica's diplomatic relationships.

Led by President Brian, the USBR first joined the NPO leadership when he was elected to the Alliance Council in August 2006. He served on the council until it was merged with the War Council to form the "Council Pacifica" in early 2007. As a member of the Alliance Council, he redrafted the standard Non-Aggression Pact adopted by the NPO, rewrote a number of training documents and has served on the staff of the Imperial Academy. He assisted in the reforms of the Diplomatic Corps, and has routinely provided drafting advice for foreign treaties and charters, including a review and drafted rewrite of the GATO Charter. He is widely respected by his peers both within the NPO and throughout the Cyberverse for his diplomatic discourse and respectful dialogue.

He has taken part in the Great Patriotic War, the Second Great War, the Hacker War, and the Third Great War. He took a four month sabbatical, leaving after the end of the Third Great War and returning in August 2007. He took a second sabbatical, which lasted from January 8 until December 2008.

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