Tyral Stormfang
The High Lord
Political Party:
Born April 17, 1977
Coronation December 25, 2005
Titles High Lord of Boðheim
Master of Eldr Tyr
Commmander of the Southern Armies

The sovereign leader of the Empire of Boðheim, Tyral Stormfang, called the Kithless is a ruthless and driven ruler.

Information Edit

The most recent in the Magnusson House's line of High Lords, Tyral, (called Tyral the Kithless as he does not yet have an heir) has expressed the desire to become the single most powerful ruler within the CN World. While he was an avid supporter of the New Pacific Order, he feels their own brand of imperialism does not coincide with his personal agenda. He is one of the first members of the Coalition of Dark States, a former minister of that alliance, and is currently a member of the League of Small Superpowers.

Tyral's plans are fueled by his ego and his conviction that he is not only capable of world domination, but also worthy and deserving of it. While he is utterly heartless and places little value on the lives of others, he also follows a strict code of honor. Several times he has struck bargains with various rulers in the CN World, and he has always upheld those bargains, honoring his word and following through with his promises to the letter. He is a cruel and ruthless dictator; yet while he rules his nation of Boðheim with an iron fist and is willing to deliver swift and cruel punishments, he also treats his subjects fairly (as long as they acknowledge his absolute rule) and at times has even put himself at risk to protect his empire and subjects.

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