President of the Republic
Tyler Jacobs

6th President of the Deltoran Republic
Serving with Carrie Jacobs
Vice President(s)   Nathon Carrelson
Preceded by Laura Nifestri
Succeeded by Incumbent

Born March 1, 1981 (age 39)
United States Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Nationality DR flag Deltoran
Constituency DR flag Deltoran
Political party Worker's Advancement
Spouse Carrie Jacobs
Residence Ociania, Deltora
Religion Roman Catholicism
Signature Jacobs Sig

Tyler Jacobs is the 6th and Current President of the Deltoran Republic. He serves as a member of the Presidental Couple and is the first Promcapablic President of the DR. He commanded the Deltoran Military during the last half of the Great Pacific War and is currently leading the effort in rebuilding the Caribbean. Some major acts of his presidency include joining the Caribbean Treaty Organization and the South American Protection and Assistance Community.

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