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Tygaism is the official philosophy of the Siberian Tiger Alliance.

The Tygaist Manifesto[]

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Unlike other philosophies in the Cyberverse, Tygaism is not flexible or frequently changed. Whereas other philosophies are altered to fit with the actions of those who profess to follow said philosophy, Tygaism remains unaltered.

Tygaism is based on a principle not of personal gain, but one of mutual respect. A Tygaist does not seek friendships of convenience. Instead, a Tygaist will work to form meaningful friendships based on trust and respect. This may often lead to a semi-isolationist state for a Tygaist but this is not because of a lack of desire to form friendships but due to the requirement for trust and respect to exist before a friendship is forged. True trust and respect are hard to find and therefore a Tygaist will have few friends but those they have are loyal.

A Tygaist does not seek political status at the expense of its principles. A Tygaist is one that is content with him or herself regardless of size or perceived power in the Cyberverse. A Tygaist is one who will express their opinions regardless of whom they disagree with. Honesty and truth are paramount to a Tygaist.

In times of conflict a Tygaist will stand by their allies without a thought to their own safety. Friendships forged on trust and respect will not be discarded by a Tygaist. Enemies of a Tygaist will expect a fierce battle but no ill-will. A Tygaist understands that others also value their friendships and accepts that when such individuals or alliances go to war that they too are on a Tygaist path. Individuals and alliances that come into conflict with a Tygaist or a Tygaist alliance via treaties will not be asked to pay unwarranted reparations. A Tygaist does not seek to profit from war but sees war as a means to defend friends and allies.

Tygaism does not impose itself on others. A Tygaist knows that their philosophy is one of mutual respect and that respect is extended to those following other philosophies or no philosophy at all.

A Tygaist knows that a philosophy is only held dear when one finds that philosophy rather than having it thrust upon them. Therefore a Tygaist will never preach nor will a Tygaist insult others for following a different philosophy.

In conclusion, the Tygaist philosophy is one of mutual respect, of contentment with one’s place in the Cyberverse and one that places truth, honour and integrity ahead of power and profit.