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This alliance merged to become part of the Mighty Armed States of Honor.

Merger occurred on/around April 8, 2008
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Turquoise Alliance of Awesome
TAA Official Flag

TAA Official Flag
TAA Motto: Non vincemur, sed vincemus
Team Color Multicolored team.gif Multi-Colored
Founder(s) LinkManDX
Founded 1 June 2007
International relations
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History of the TAA[edit | edit source]

The TAA was founded on June 1, 2007 by LinkManDX, a former member of Pro Republicam Et Patriam. He founded it as a blue and green team alliance, because his friends who would join with him were of both colors. As June progressed, the TAA grew slowly, up to 12 members. When July came, the TAA grew to 16.

Charter[edit | edit source]

I. Introduction[edit | edit source]

A. Latin: Sumus patriae quae ad victoriam ducentur, sed stamus paci.

B. English Translation: We are nations which will be led to victory, but we stand for peace.

II. Government[edit | edit source]

A. Dux Maximus -Leader of alliance, stays in power until he either steps down or retires. -Has power of veto for every proposal put forth by the other Duces -When one steps down, he will appoint the next one.

B. Dux Belli -Minister of War, has the power of recommending war to the Senatus, who will then have 24 hours to vote on it. -He also maintains the ZI List and the Squads.

C. Dux barbarae patriae -Minister of Foreign Affairs, handles other alliances, puts forth treaties, and is the public face of the alliance.

D. Dux Nostrae patriae -Minister of Internal Affairs, handles forum maintenance, recruiting, arguments, and aid requests.

E. Dux Pecuniae -Runs the TAA Bank and manages bankers.

G. Princeps -In times of need, a dictator will be put forth to help resolve the situation.

III. War[edit | edit source]

A. Tech Raiding -Allowed on any unaligned nation. If the attack goes awry, there will be no defense. However, any declaration of war against the alliance in retaliation from said unaligned nations will be treated as a declaration of war against the TAA, and will be handled as such.

B. Attacks against TAA -If any nation from any alliance attacks any one of our nations, and that nation reports it to us, the nation will be PM'd. If he either responds no or fails to respond within 48 hours, the next step will be taken. -If the nation is unaligned, we will immediately ZI him. -If the nation is aligned, we will contact the alliance's leadership over IRC, and discuss the situation, and work out a solution.

C. TAA members attacking other alliances -YOU MAY NOT ATTACK ANYONE WHO HAS ANYTHING IN THEIR ALLIANCE AFFILIATION. If you do so, we will treat you as a rogue unless you pursue peace.

IV.Internal Affairs[edit | edit source]

A. Aid -Member nations can request aid, and it will be granted depending on the situation -Startup aid will be $100,000, and provided to every nation underneath 1000 Nation Strength upon entering the alliance

B. Arguments -These will be consoled within the Arguments forum on the TAA forums, and will be decided upon by the Dux Nostrae Patriae.

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