Tuna War
Date January 22–30, 2007
Casus belli Rogue attacks
Result MAD victory
Mutually Assured Defense

The Tuna War was a minor anti-rogue operation fought by the founders of Mutually Assured Defense early in that alliance's history. It is remarkable only because it cemented what had been an alliance in name only into an organized unit of nations working together. As a result of the war, MAD adopted its Charter, founded a headquarters, and began expanding.

The WarEdit

On January 22, 2007 the rogue nation ThaSmallTuna launched unprovoked attacks on MAD member state Weisslandia. ThaSmallTuna claimed to be a member of the Orange Defense Network, but diplomatic talks with ODN leadership ascertained that ThaSmallTuna was not an oathed ODN member and was merely using their banner to scare away potential assailants. With the knowledge that ThaSmallTuna did not enjoy ODN backing, MAD declared war and began retaliatory strikes. In the following conflict MAD forces from Weisslandia, Malla and Lizatonia utterly destroyed ThaSmallTuna's military and overthrew its government.

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