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Joining the game in May of 2006 and starting off in NAAC, Tulak found alliances to be pointless and left the NAAC, by chance, one day before Polar War II broke out. Only weeks after leaving the NAAC, he founded and led the Team Allied Guardians Alliance(also where he created his Dark Lord of the Sith title) from early June until October, until a failed merge organised by his government collapsed. After the MAG drama, Tulak and the remaining loyal members of TAGA founded the Maroon Defense Coalition. Leading the alliance(aside from the occasional coup >_>), Tulak and the MDCers were always in the thick of Maroon politics, and later involved in the World Unity Treaty. Many alcohol-fueled wars later, Tulak eventually left the alliance he built and travelled other alliances for several months. GGA, Ordo Arcana, NpO and RIA all held his membership at some point.

Finally finding a home at Sparta in late 2007, Tulak enjoyed helping out the still-new alliance with his knowledge of the game mechanics and alliance organisation. Quickly rising the ranks and shifting around government positions based on his interests at the time, and where the Kings needed him, Tulak eventually rose to become the King of Sparta in February of 2008, where he stayed until December. It currently stands as the single longest reign in Sparta.

At this time, Tulak Hord is currently one of the two Kings of Sparta and Sparta's Black Team Senator. Tulak was also the first Team Senator of any colour to reach, and exceed, both 1,000 and 2,000 votes.

Current titles: King of Sparta, Drunkard and Warmonger of Maroon, Dark Lord of the Sith and Drunkard of Khufu.