Common mispelling of the Spanish name Trujillo.

in CN refers to the founder and permanent leader of Dominican Republic

Chronological History:

  • created Dominican Republic 8/19/2006
  • rogue days--->> lead to semi-ZI by NPO
  • Joined the alliance: Organization of Imperial Nations (OIN)
  • Left OIN for the alliance of Warriors And Rebels (WAR)
  • Promoted to Lt.General 2nd in command of WAR
  • Mysteriously became Leader of WAR
  • Left WAR to ....v
  • Co-founded the alliance of : Argonaut (ArGo) with Chef_Raekwon.
  • Author of Argo Doctrine, designer of Argo government structure, appointed Chairman of the cabinet, position later translated to Imperial Advisor by Chef_Raekwon
  • Left ArGo, suffered attacks co-ordinated by Minister of Defense for the Tri-Colored federation (TCF)
  • Leads a coup against Emperor of ArGo and 2nd time permanent bann recipient Chef_Raekwon
  • becomes founder of the reformed ArGo government, The Democratic Republic of Argonaut (DRA)[acronym is uncommon , Argo is commonly used emplace of DRA]
  • Declares himself president designs government structure, announces the May Doctrine as the charter of ArGo
  • Steps down as president commissions the first Presidential elections in the history of ArGo, thereafter elections could run every month (later act of senate would make this every 3 months) because ArGo was stabilized.
  • Served briefly as Chairman of the IAA (senate equivalent for ArGo), then turned retired from official politics to attend college

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