Treaty of Strickler

The Brotherhood
Flag of Invicta

Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: 10/20/2009
Treaty Status: Inactive

The Treaty of Strickler was a protectorate between the Brotherhood and Invicta. It was announced on October 20, 2009.

Text of the TreatyEdit

A protectorate agreement by and between Invicta and The Brotherhood


As a continuation of ours effort to build up a neighbour and friend in the Purple Sphere, Invicta and The Brotherhood agree to renew the following terms of protection.

Article One: SovereigntyEdit

Invicta and The Brotherhood respect each other's sovereign territories and commit to mutual development of one another's alliance. Further, Invicta henceforth recognizes The Brotherhood as an alliance and affirms a commitment to protect and develop it. The Brotherhood agree to make an honest effort to avoid negative incidents between themselves and Invicta's directly treatied allies.

Article Two: ProtectionEdit

The Brotherhood are under the protection of Invicta. Invicta agree to intervene in the event The Brotherhood are attacked without provocation. While this is not a treaty of mutual defence, and thusly not obligated, The Brotherhood reserve the right to come to the aid of Invicta should Invicta become involved in conflict. Intervention may be rendered in the form of diplomatic support, financial aid, and military support.

Article Three: Tech and TradeEdit

The Brotherhood agree to participate in tech deals with Invicta nations, with assistance from Invicta’s finance personnel. The Brotherhood also agree to relocate to Purple Sphere and take steps to gain acceptance into blocs and operations that encourage unity in the Purple Sphere.

Article Four: AdviserEdit

Invicta shall dispatch from its government an adviser to assist in the development of The Brotherhood. The adviser shall act as Invicta’s ambassador and facilitate communication between the two governments. Additionally, all treaties proposed to or by The Brotherhood mandating mutual defence or stronger stipulations must receive approval from Invicta government prior to going into effect, by way of the signature of the adviser and either the President, Vice President or Chief of Staff of Invicta.

Article Five: EvaluationEdit

This pact shall last for 90 days, after which time Invicta and The Brotherhood shall review this treaty. A ten-day grace period shall exist during the review, after which this treaty expires and a new treaty shall come into effect, if one is agreed to. Should either side wish to end this pact within 90 days, advance notice of 96 hours is required.

This pact shall be considered redundant and void should The Brotherhood gain admission into Pegasus.

Signed and entered into law this 14th day of October, 2009, in the 29th month of Invicta's existence:


For Invicta

  • Jorost of the Triune Republic, President
  • Atlashill of Kansouri, Minister of Neighbourhood Development (Also, Wub Dawny Wub )

For the Brotherhood

  • Guardian666, Commander In Chief
  • Swillmaster, General Of The Interia
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