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Treaty of Pettigrew

North American Confederacy
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Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: 10/20/2009
Treaty Status: Upgraded

The Treaty of Pettigrew was a protectorate between the North American Confederacy and Invicta. It was announced on October 20, 2009.

Text of the Treaty[]


In the interests of further developing the Purple sphere, Invicta and North American Confederacy agree to the follow treaty:

Article One[]

Invicta henceforth recognizes North American Confederacy as an alliance and affirms a commitment to protect and develop it. Per this affirmation:

  • A. Invicta agrees to intercede in incidents, by way of military, financial and/or diplomatic aid, where North American Confederacy are attacked without warrant.
  • B. Invicta agrees to provide logistical support and advise in the development of the North American Confederacy, but affirms the sovereignty of North American Confederacy and its members.
  • C. North American Confederacy agrees to seek the approval of Invicta government when they are about to enter into a treaty with a third party, except when the treaty sought is akin to a Non-Aggression Pact or Treaty of Friendship.
  • D. North American Confederacy agrees to seek the approval of Invicta for any aggressive action that is under consideration, and will do so at least 48 hours before commencing such action.
  • E. North American Confederacy agrees to base their operations on Purple Trading Sphere and pursue relations with their Purple neighbours, which is to include potential affiliation with signatory parties of PEACE.
  • F. North American Confederacy agrees to make an honest effort to avoid negative incidents between themselves and Invicta's directly treatied allies.

Article Two[]

North American Confederacy into the Mammon Pact where the agree to enter into a long-term technology sale agreement, whereby non-Invicta nations who qualify under Invicta's rules are considered sellers in Invicta's internal tech sales, until such time that said nations are sufficiently large to become buyers. Invicta's finance staff agree to coordinate and execute deals with non-Invicta nations that are treatied under this agreement.

Article Three[]

Invicta and North American Confederacy agree to remain in regular contact by way of forums and IRC, and remain cordial and supportive of one another in public venues.

Article Four[]

This treaty shall be reviewed ninety days after the announcement of its ratification to Planet Bob. During such a review, Invicta and North American Confederacy shall decide whether either to continue the treaty, upgrade it, or discontinue it.

Additionally, either side may agree to terminate this agreement by providing notice of 48 hours.


For Invicta

  • Amonra of Sturmreich, Vice President
  • CMerrigan of Hellview, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Sperley of Sonata Vatican, DMoFA
  • Scythegfx of Anarcasia, DMoFA

For the North American Confederacy

  • Hellbilly of Hades, President
  • Shavar of Shavar, Vice President
  • Rooivaulk of South African Union, Secretary of State
  • Diablo626 of Al Terra, Secretary of Finance