Treaty of Lima
Type of treaty Surrender treaty
Drafted June 13, 2011
- location
June 14, 2011
Lima, Peru
Effective June 15, 2011
Expiration June 15, 2013
Signatories STOP2 Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact
Flag of JBR United States of JBR
Central Kingdom Central Kingdom
PrussianFlag2 Prussian Empire
South Africa Union of Midway
DR flag Deltoran Republic
STOP Allies
Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil
Bolivia Bolivia
Ecuador Ecuador
Colombia Colombia
Venezuela Venezuela
Panama Panama
Nicaragua Nicaragua
Mexico Mexico
UPAC United Pacific Aligned Coalition
Chile Chile
Peru Peru
New Zealand New Zealand
DPRMFlag Democratic People's Republic of Midway
Languages English

The Treaty of Lima is the official surrender instrument between the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact and the United Pacific Aligned Coalition. Signed on June 13, 2011, it was drafted and ratified after the United Pacific Aligned Coalition surrendered to the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact; marking the initial end to the Great Pacific War (a separate surrender document with the Caribbean Treaty Organization) was signed by the Caribbean Treaty Organization later that day. It is signed at Lima, Peru.

Text of the treatyEdit


The signatories of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact and members of the United Pacific Aligned Coalition, to create peace and settle an unnecessary conflict, have agreed the following terms:

Article OneEdit

The nations of the United Pacific Aligned Coalition hereby surrendered unconditionally to the victorious nations of Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact, and admit guilt to beginning an unnecessary and bloody war.

Article TwoEdit

The United Pacific Aligned Coalition agrees that all possessions and puppet states gained during the war are no longer under the Coalition's sovereignty.

Article ThreeEdit

The United Pacific Aligned Coalition will pay reparations to the nations of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact, to be later determined by Sunshiner economists and auditors once damages have been tallied.

Article FourEdit

The United Pacific Aligned Coalition agrees to a short, limited 1 year military occupation of their nations until their governments complete their transitions. All foreign relations, economic exchanges, and other administrative purposes must be approved by the Secretary-General of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact's discretion.

Article FiveEdit

The Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact agrees to provide full military protection to the United Aligned Coalition and to provide humanitarian support to the Coalition's citizens.

Article SixEdit

The United Pacific Aligned Coalition agrees that they will not engage in conflict with any Sunshiner signatory for 2 years or a non-Sunshiner nation for 1 year.

Article SevenEdit

The above articles will be enforced by the Sunshiner nations and its Justice Court. Cancellation of this treaty must be approved by the Pact.

Signed byEdit

Deltoran RepublicEdit

Jacobs Sig, President
Andrew Antin, King
Jessica Antin, Queen
David Cabineten, Vice King
Laura Cabineten, Vice Queen
Nathon Carrelson, Vice President
Gregor Hammelson, Secretary of Defence
Henry Nortion, Maritime Forces Commander
Nava Ladmril, Naval Commander
James Ritison, Strategic Air Commander

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