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This page contains a list of the current treaties and blocs, and past blocs of the North Atlantic Defense Coalition.

Significant Political Unions[]


In December 2006, NADC Secretary General Emperor Charles helped form a bloc with Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations and Organized Nations of Superiority. Other alliances joined and formed a neutral power bloc that valued individual alliances' independence.

Today, the NADC, CSN, and ONOS come to the rest of the international CyberNations community with grand news. After much discussion, we have all agreed that this course of actions represents the best wishes of our members. In order to further secure their safety, sovereignty, and continued prosperity, we join together.
Emperor Charles VI, A Revolutionary Accord—Dec 9 2006, 8:59 AM

In the end, GUARD lasted only ten months. In August 2007, the Breakup of GUARD occurred when most of the member alliances left the bloc within a few days of each other. In fact, NADC was left as the lone signatory until they officially ended the bloc in May 2008.


The NADC was one of the founding members of the Agora Accords an ODP Economic bloc for the Blue and Red spheres. This bloc was the most substantive and aggressive diplomatic effort for NADC since the formation of GUARD. It also ended NADC's isolationist ways for good.

Peace and Love Train Entrance[]

In light of the Karma War and the changing landscape of Planet Bob, the NADC made major moves towards joining the Peace and Love Train bloc. After upgrading their treaty with Zenith and patching up relations with their longtime ally TFD, the NADC was admitted to the Peace and Love Train Accords on October 10, 2009.


As a result of the Dave War and dissatisfied with the political situation the NADC found herself in, Aftermath was formed and announced to Planet Bob on September 26, 2012. Along with NADC allies MCXA, CCC, and TTK, Aftermath was formed with CRAP and App. Aftermath signatories were all eventually involved in the Equilibrium War on the side of Equilibrium (war coalition) against the Competence coalition.

Current treaties and blocs[]

Former blocs[]