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On September 12, 2009 the Staatsregeringministrie vir Sport en Atletiese van Transvaal (Department for Sport and Athletics of Transvaal) and the Transvaal Voetbalsvereniging (Transvaal Association Football Union) announced the decision to host the fourth annual Transvaal World Cup in March 2010.

The inaugural Transvaal Cup was originally hosted in the late spring of 2007 as the Nordreich Victory Cup of Soccer (or Nordreich Cup for short). After the collapse of Nordreich, the tournament resumed a couple of weeks later under the name of Transvaal Cup.

The second Transvaal Cup was held in March 2008. Thirty-two nations participated and the tournament was won by Paraganea. The third Transvaal Cup was held in March 2009. Forty-four nations (including two squads from Transvaal - the Transvaal Springboks and Windhoek Welwitschia) participated in two rounds and the tournament was won by Deutschland.


The 2010 tournament was held in two stages: the main 32-team tournament started March 1, 2010 preceded by a qualification round played between February 17–26, 2010. Eight of the ten teams playing in the qualification round advanced.

The Transvaal World Cup has been sanctioned by various CN soccer federations, the United Cyber Nations Football Associations (UCFA), Liga Mundo, and FIFOB.


Nordreich Cup / Transvaal World Cup
Year Tournament Champion Runner-Up Score
2007 Nordreich Cup / Transvaal Cup Reich Chancellor King Christian I 2-0
2008 Transvaal World Cup II Paraganea Mac Land 3-0
2009 Transvaal World Cup III Deutschland Arcadian Empire 1-0
2010 Transvaal World Cup IV The Cheeselands Articuno Islands 2-2 (4-2 PK)


Sign-up for the tournament was announced on January 14, 2010 and Transvaal (hosts), Arctica, Pravus Ingruo, Promised Land, Tahoe, The Kingdom of Light, and Viniland all registered that day.

The following day saw Adeptes Mechanicus, Arcadian Empire, Articuno Islands, Cataduanes, The Children of Odin, Deutschland (defending champions), Disparu, Dun Carrig, Espana, J Andres, Rhodesia, Sarnungian Republic, Sooners, and Voobaha signed up and were accepted for the tournament.

On January 16, 2010, entries from Costa Libertad, Jutopia Land, Kelton, Killallippies, Mac Land, MLW worldwide, Prince Edward Island, The Cheeselands, and Uralica signed up and were accepted. Four days later Debate Land and Kevodia registered for the tournament bringing the number of participants to 32.

Nos Tre Rebublic applied on February 11, 2010 and was accepted the following day. Cascade applied on February 12, 2010 and was accepted on February 15, 2010 bringing the number of entrants to 34.

Stadium Facilities[]

  • Botha Stadium - Pretoria
  • Loftus Versfeld Stadium - Pretoria
  • Jake Felan Klingen Memorial Stadium - Johannesburg
  • Vrystaat Stadium - Bloemfontein
  • Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)
  • Gaborone Civic Field - Gaborone, Botswana
  • The Khomasdal - Windhoek, Namibia
  • Maputo Stadium - Maputo, Mozambique
  • Salisbury Municipal Field - Salisbury, Rhodesia

Pre-Tournament Predictions[]


  • POOL A

In a pool with a heavy Liga Mundo presence, hosts Transvaal on paper are the favourites to win Pool A however the Springboks have to get past a legacy of fumbling their way through the preliminary rounds. If they start out cold in their initial matches, the loss of momentum could well doom them to a middle of the pack finish. Dun Carrig, Arcadian Empire (last year's finalists), and Cataduanes are familiar opponents in Liga Mundo (Cataduanes represented in that league by Estrella Roja) and will place immese pressure the host team. J Andres is a decent side often fails to live up to promise at the international level while Arctica, Prince Edward Island (another Liga Mundo nation) and newcomers Cascade - who won the qualification round in confident style – will all be fighting for upsets and a hopeful yet improbable sneak into the Final 16.

  • POOL B

The weakest of the four pools, Pool B will be dominated by The Cheeselands. Traditionally a middle of the pack nation, they have progressively improved and over-achieved each year. This year should be no different and now facing four of the eight pre-tournament qualifiers, The Cheeselands should be able to cruise to first place. They will face some challenges from Viniland and Kevodia for the tope spot while Jutopia Land will probably lock up 4th place, leaving the four qualifiers from Debate Land, Disparu, Nos Tre Rebublic, and Adeptes Mechanicus to scrap it out for consolation placement.

  • POOL C

Pool C features the defending Cup III champions from Deutschland and the Cup II finalists from Mac Land. Add to this mix The Children of Odin – only one of four nations participate in all four Transvaal Cups along with the hosts, Deutschland, and Sooners –, Liga Mundo powerhouse Costa Libertad who are led by the legendary fullback Lois Luis, handedly the greatest player in all of CN football, and the tenacious Uralica squad, this pool will be difficult to predict and likely feature some of the best football witnessed in the preliminary round. Voobaha is capable of pulling timely results and will be in the fray for one of the Final 16 spots. Kelton and MLW Worldwide don’t have the experience of international football that the rest of the teams in this pool have but neither will be pushovers either. Expect the unexpected in this pool.

  • POOL D

Years ago Sooners were the laughing stock of CN international football, finishing 32nd out of 32 in 2007 and then 30th out of 32 in 2008. However in 2009, after a major overhaul of their football programme, they took everyone by surprise with a first place finish in their preliminary pool (second for most points earned) followed up by an impressive 7th place run in the playoffs. They should repeat in 1st place in Pool D as their only real opposition will be Tahoe and Articuno Islands. Killallippies and Sarnungian Republic will battle it out for the final playoff spot in Pool D while Espana, Promised Land, and Rhodesia – all fresh from the qualifying round, will be jockeying for consolation placements.

Qualification Round Standings[]

TRANSVAAL WORLD CUP - February 17–26, 2010
Cascade 9 5 2 2 8 4 4 17
Adeptes Mechanicus 9 5 2 2 11 8 3 17
Disparu 9 4 1 4 8 7 1 13
Promised Land 9 4 1 4 8 7 1 13
Nos Tre Rebublic 9 3 4 2 6 6 0 13
Espana 9 3 3 3 10 9 1 12
Debate Land 9 3 3 3 6 6 0 12
Rhodesia 9 2 5 2 7 6 1 11
The Kingdom of Light 9 3 1 5 6 8 -2 10
Pravus Ingruo 9 1 2 6 5 14 -9 5
  • Adeptes Mechanicus, Cascade, Debate Land, Disparu, Espana, Nos Tre Rebublic, Promised Land, and Rhodesia qualified for tournament
  • The Kingdom of Light and Pravus Ingruo failed to qualify

Preliminary Round Results[]

March 1, 2009[]

  • POOL A: Prince Edward Island defeated Arctica 1-0; J Andres defeated Transvaal 1-0; Cascade tied Arcadian Empire 0-0; Cataduanes tied Dun Carrig 0-0; Dun Carrig tied Arctica 0-0
  • POOL B: Nos Tre Rebublic defeated Debate Land 4-1; The Cheeselands defeated Adeptes Mechanicus 3-0; Viniland defeated Disparu 1-0; Kevodia tied Jutopia Land 1-1
  • POOL C: Mac Land defeated The Children of Odin 2-1; Uralica tied Voobaha 1-1; Deutschland tied Kelton 1-1; Costa Libertad defeated MLW worldwide 3-1
  • POOL D: Articuno Islands tied Sooners 0-0; Tahoe defeated Rhodesia 2-0; Sarnungian Republic tied Killallippies 1-1; Promised Land defeated Espana 3-0

March 2, 2009[]

  • POOL A: Transvaal defeated Prince Edward Island 2-1; J Andres tied Cascade 0-0; Acadian Empire tied Cataduanes 1-1
  • POOL B: Nos Tre Rebublic defeated Jutopia Land 1-0; Adeptes Mechanicus defeated Debate Land 1-0; The Cheeselands defeated Disparu 1-0; Viniland tied Kevodia 0-0
  • POOL C: MLW worldwide defeated Mac Land 1-0; Uralica defeated The Children of Odin 1-0; Deutschland defeated Voobaha 2-0; Kelton tied Costa Libertad 0-0
  • POOL D: Promised Land tied Articuno Islands 0-0; Sooners tied Rhodesia 0-0; Tahoe defeated Sarnungian Republic 2-0; Killallippies defeated Espana 2-0

March 3, 2009[]

  • POOL A: Transvaal defeated Arctica 2-1; Cascade tied Prince Edward Island 1-1; J Andres defeated Cataduanes 2-1; Arcadian Empire defeated Dun Carrig 3-2; Arctica defeated Arcadian Empire 4-0
  • POOL B: Nos Tre Rebublic defeated Adeptes Mechanicus 1-0; Disparu tied Debate Land 0-0; The Cheeselands defeated Kevodia 1-0; Jutopia Land tied Viniland 1-1
  • POOL C: Mac Land defeated Uralica 2-0; Deutschland defeated The Children of Odin 4-1; Costa Libertad tied Voobaha 0-0; MLW worldwide tied Kelton 1-1
  • POOL D: Articuno Islands defeated Rhodesia 1-0; Sarnungian Republic tied Sooners 2-2; Tahoe defeated Espana 1-0; Promised Land tied Killallippies 0-0

March 4, 2009[]

Day-off for players; no matches scheduled

March 5, 2009[]

  • POOL A: Transvaal defeated Cascade 3-0; Prince Edward Island tied Cataduanes 0-0; J Andres defeated Dun Carrig 1-0; Arctica tied Cascade 1-1
  • POOL B: Nos Tre Rebublic defeated Viniland 1-0; Disparu defeated Adeptes Mechanicus 2-0; Debate Land tied Kevodia 0-0; The Cheeselands defeated Jutopia Land 2-0
  • POOL C: Mac Land defeated Kelton 1-0; Uralica tied Deutschland 1-1; Costa Libertad defeated The Children of Odin 2-0; Voobaha tied MLW worldwide 0-0
  • POOL D: Killallippies tied Articuno Islands 1-1; Sarnungian Republic defeated Rhodesia 1-0; Sooners tied Espana 2-2; Tahoe tied Promised Land 1-1

March 6, 2009[]

  • POOL A: Cataduanes defeated Transvaal 2-1; Prince Edward Island defeated Dun Carrig 1-0; Arcadian Empire tied J Andres 0-0
  • POOL B: Nos Tre Rebublic defeated Disparu 1-0; Adeptes Mechanicus defeated Kevodia 1-0; Jutopia Land tied Debate Land 0-0; Viniland tied The Cheeselands 1-1
  • POOL C: Mac Land tied Deutschland 2-2; Costa Libertad defeated Uralica 3-2; MLW worldwide tied The Children of Odin 2-2; Voobaha defeated Kelton 1-0
  • POOL D: Sarnungian Republic defeated Articuno Islands 2-1; Espana tied Rhodesia 0-0; Sooners defeated Promised Land 1-0; Killallippies defeated Tahoe 1-0

March 7, 2009[]

  • POOL A: J Andres defeated Arctica 2-1; Transvaal tied Dun Carrig 1-1; Cataduanes defeated Cascade 5-1; Prince Edward Island tied Arcadian Empire 1-1; Cataduanes defeated Arctica 5-0
  • POOL B: The Cheeselands tied Nos Tre Rebublic 0-0; Adeptes Mechanicus tied Jutopia Land 2-2; Disparu defeated Kevodia 2-0; Debate Land tied Viniland 1-1
  • POOL C: Mac Land defeated Voobaha 3-2; Uralica tied MLW worldwide 0-0; Costa Libertad defeated Deutschland 2-0; The Children of Odin defeated Kelton 3-0
  • POOL D: Tahoe defeated Articuno Islands 2-1; Promised Land defeated Rhodesia 2-1; Espana tied Sarnungian Republic 2-2; Sooners tied Killallippies 1-1

March 8, 2009[]

  • POOL A: Arcadian Empire defeated Transvaal 2-0; Cascade defeated Dun Carrig 2-1; J Andres tied Prince Edward Island 1-1
  • POOL B: Nos Tre Rebublic defeated Kevodia 1-0; Viniland tied Adeptes Mechanicus 0-0; Disparu defeated Jutopia Land 1-0; Debate Land defeated The Cheeselands 2-0
  • POOL C: Mac Land tied Costa Libertad 0-0; Kelton defeated Uralica 1-0; Deutschland defeated MLW worldwide 3-0; The Children of Odin defeated Voobaha 1-0
  • POOL D: Articuno Islands defeated Espana 4-0; Killallippies defeated Rhodesia 2-0; Sarnungian Republic defeated Promised Land 1-0; Tahoe tied Sooners 1-1

Preliminary Round Standings[]

J Andres 7 4 3 0 7 3 4 15
Cataduanes 7 3 3 1 14 5 9 12
Transvaal 7 3 1 3 9 8 1 10
Arcadian Empire 7 2 4 1 7 8 -1 10
Prince Edward Island 7 2 4 1 6 5 1 10
Cascade 7 1 4 2 5 11 -6 7
Arctica 7 1 2 4 7 11 -4 5
Dun Carrig 7 0 3 4 4 8 -4 3
Nos Tre Rebublic 7 6 1 0 9 1 8 19
The Cheeselands 7 4 2 1 8 3 5 14
Disparu 7 3 1 3 5 3 2 10
Adeptes Mechanicus 7 2 2 3 4 8 -4 8
Viniland 7 1 5 1 4 4 0 8
Debate Land 7 1 4 2 4 6 -2 7
Jutopia Land 7 0 4 3 4 8 -4 4
Kevodia 7 0 3 4 1 6 -5 3
Costa Libertad 7 4 3 0 10 3 7 15
Mac Land 7 4 2 1 10 6 4 14
Deutschland 7 3 3 1 13 7 6 12
The Children of Odin 7 2 1 4 8 11 -3 7
MLW worldwide 7 1 4 2 5 9 -4 7
Uralica 7 1 3 3 5 8 -3 6
Voobaha 7 1 3 3 4 7 -3 6
Kelton 7 1 3 3 3 7 -4 6
Tahoe 7 4 2 1 9 4 5 14
Killallippies 7 3 4 0 8 3 5 13
Sarnungian Republic 7 3 3 1 9 8 1 12
Articuno Islands 7 2 3 2 8 5 3 9
Promised Land 7 2 3 2 6 4 2 9
Sooners 7 1 6 0 7 6 1 9
Espana 7 0 3 4 4 14 -10 3
Rhodesia 7 0 2 5 1 8 -7 2

Consolation Placement[]

The Worst of the World[]



At times not the finest display of football

VENUE: Gaborone Civic Field, Gaborone

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: KLT 8; PRA 1; Shots on target: KLT 3; PRA 1; Tackles: KLT 10; PRA 10; Fouls: KLT 0; PRA 1; Bookings: KLT 0; PRA 0; Corners: KLT 3; PRA 1; Offsides: KLT 0; PRA 0; Passing: KLT 94%; PRA 89%; Possession: KLT 49%; PRA 51%

GOAL SUMMARY: KLT Mamadou Bagayoko (F) 87

GAME NOTES: Like many of the Worst of the World matches, not the finest exhibition of international football – although Pravus Ingruo, sporting their pink and black jerseys, were so inept at times that they made The Kingdom of Light look a true championship side. Pravus Ingruo’s goalkeeper was bombarded like under artillery fire and managed to keep the score low, only beaten in the final minutes by a breakaway attempt from Mamadou Bagayoko.

  • The Kingdom of Light finished in 33rd place (did not compete in 2009)
  • Pravus Ingruo finished in 34th place (did not compete in 2009)

Placement 29th to 32nd[]


Steven Bewers of Dun Carrig


A classic match-up: Ted Rotenston of Kevodia and Dun Carrig’s Steven Bewers battling for the ball


Ian Smith, Rhodesian national player and forward with NVK Kaapstad Hornets of the Nordreich Liga


Davide Dionigi scores in extra time for Kelton

FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2010

VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium, Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: DUN 6; RHO 4; Shots on target: DUN 4; RHO 3; Tackles: DUN 9; RHO 6; Fouls: DUN 0; RHO 0; Bookings: DUN 0; RHO 0; Corners: DUN 1; RHO 2; Offsides: DUN 0; RHO 2; Passing: DUN 92%; RHO 86%; Possession: DUN 59%; RHO 41%

GOAL SUMMARY: DUN Richardo Guara (F) 32; DUN Richardo Guara (F) 45; DUN Steven Bewers (F) 72; DUN Steven Bewers (F) 85

  • Kevodia 1, Kelton 0 (1-0 at half)

VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium, Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: KEV 4; KEL 2; Shots on target: KEV 3; KEL 0; Tackles: KEV 7; KEL 14; Fouls: KEV 0; KEL 0; Bookings: KEV 0; KEL 0; Corners: KEV 1; KEL 1; Offsides: KEV 1; KEL 1; Passing: KEV 91%; KEL 87%; Possession: KEV 52%; KEL 48%

GOAL SUMMARY: KEV Ted Rotenston (F) 37


VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium, Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: DUN 3; KEV 10; Shots on target: DUN 2; KEV 5; Tackles: DUN 13; KEV 11; Fouls: DUN 1; KEV 1; Bookings: DUN 0; KEV 0; Corners: DUN 1; KEV 2; Offsides: DUN 1; KEV 0; Passing: DUN 92%; KEV 93%; Possession: DUN 56%; KEV 44%

GOAL SUMMARY: KEV Ted Rotenston (F) 53; DUN Ricardo Guara (F) 90

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: DUN (3) 0-1-1-1; KEV (1) 0-0-1-0; winning goal DUN (M) Paul Kells

GAME NOTES: Very excellent match-up between these two teams although in the end Kevodia got robbed because they played a harder game and really wanted the win against a superior Dun Carrig squad that by and large looked pretty disinterested until the final minutes. It was a battle of set plays as both goals in regulation time came from beautifully played corner kicks. In extra time, Dun Carrig picked up their game a few notches and played containment to stall out the clock and force the match into the shootout, where they held an obvious advantage.

Unlike their 4-0 win the day before, Steven Bewers was invisible for most of the match as Richardo Guara took on the role of pointman; Bewers seemed more content to sag back and play a defensive transition role on the centre line whenever Kevodia regained possession in their own end. Ted Rotenston – best known as Kevodia United’s scoring machine in Liga Mundo – played very well as he tried to carry the fortunes of Kevodia on his back but was unable to capitalise from his four shots against the stalwart Gerrit Cobh. Cobh, another star from Liga Mundo, looked like a million dollars in net during the shootout and should get credit along with Richardo Guara for Dun Carrig’s win.

VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium, Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: KEL 4; RHO 4; Shots on target: KEL 3; RHO 0; Tackles: KEL 13; RHO 21; Fouls: KEL 1; RHO 0; Bookings: KEL 0; RHO 0; Corners: KEL 0; RHO 4; Offsides: KEL 0; RHO 1; Passing: KEL 92%; RHO 89%; Possession: KEL 52%; RHO 48%

GOAL SUMMARY: KEL Davide Dionigi (F) 111

GAME NOTES: Unlike the enthralling Dun Carrig-Kevodia match-up, this was a fairly uneventful midfield war of attrition. Local football fans turned out in numbers to cheer on Rhodesian forward Ian Smith, who plays for NVK Kaapstad Hornets in the Nordreich Liga, but the hero of the day was Davide Dionigi’s cracker in extra time which gave Kelton the win. Not much else to comment about except that Rhodesia was completely inept on their four corner kicks. No small wonder here why they struggled throughout the tournament.

  • Dun Carrig finished in 29th place (-7 from 22nd place in 2009)
  • Kevodia finished in 30th place (+6 from 36th place in 2009)
  • Kelton finished in 31st place (+8 from 39th place in 2009)
  • Rhodesia finished in 32nd place (did not compete in 2009)

Placement 25th to 28th[]


Matías Delgado lining up to score against Arctican keeper Kevin Hartman


Arango Sáenz heads the ball past Voobaha goalkeeper Iain Blackwood to score for Espana


Mateo Iuliano of Voobaha lines up for a shot against Mayo of Espana


Espana goalkeeper Mayo deflects shot from Voobaha’s Donovan Tipperary


  • Arctica 4, Espana 1 (2-0 at half)

VENUE: Staatspresident Botha Stadium, Pretoria

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: ARC 10; ESP 2; Shots on target: ARC 5; ESP 2; Tackles: ARC 16; ESP 11; Fouls: ARC 0; ESP 2; Bookings: ARC 0; ESP 1; Corners: ARC 3; ESP 2; Offsides: ARC 1; ESP 0; Passing: ARC 91%; ESP 90%; Possession: ARC 57%; ESP 43%

GOAL SUMMARY: ARC Marcelo Saragosa (MF) 27; ARC Carlos Ruiz (F) 35; ESP Luis García (F) 75; ARC Andreas Herzog (F) 87; ARC Carlos Ruiz (F) 89

  • Jutopia Land 1, Voobaha 0 (1-0 at half)

VENUE: Staatspresident Botha Stadium, Pretoria

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: JUT 9; VOO 6; Shots on target: JUT 5; VOO 0; Tackles: JUT 9; VOO 8; Fouls: JUT 1; VOO 0; Bookings: JUT 0; VOO 0; Corners: JUT 2; VOO 1; Offsides: JUT 0; VOO 0; Passing: JUT 91%; VOO 91%; Possession: JUT 44%; VOO 56%

GOAL SUMMARY: JUT Mladen Petric (F) 31


  • Jutopia Land defeated Arctica 2-0 (0-0 at half)

VENUE: Staatspresident Botha Stadium, Pretoria

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: JUT 6; ARC 1; Shots on target: JUT 3; ARC 0; Tackles: JUT 27; ARC 17; Fouls: JUT 0; ARC 1; Bookings: JUT 0; ARC 0; Corners: JUT 0; ARC 0; Offsides: JUT 0; ARC 0; Passing: JUT 90%; ARC 71%; Possession: JUT 61%; ARC 39%

GOAL SUMMARY: JUT Matías Delgado (MF) 53; JUT Christian Giménez (F) 76

VENUE: Staatspresident Botha Stadium, Pretoria

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: ESP 4; VOO 5; Shots on target: ESP 3; VOO 2; Tackles: ESP 12; VOO 13; Fouls: ESP 0; VOO 0; Bookings: ESP 0; VOO 0; Corners: ESP 1; VOO 0; Offsides: ESP 2; VOO 2; Passing: ESP 87%; VOO 86%; Possession: ESP 56%; VOO 44%

GOAL SUMMARY: ESP Luis García (F) 21; ESP Arango Sáenz (MF) 39; ESP Andrija Delibašić (F) 44

  • Jutopia Land finished in 25th place (-12 from 13th place in 2009)
  • Arctica finished in 26th place (-21 from 5th place in 2009)
  • Espana finished in 27th place (did not compete in 2009)
  • Voobaha finished in 28th place (-20 from 8th place in 2009)

Placement 21st to 24th[]


Cascade goalkeeper Daniel Miller clears the ball on transition


Joni Rasimus of Uralica beats Oscar Jones with his bicycle kick in the final seconds


Ebbe Sands setting up to equalise for Sooners


“Preki” Radosavljević of Debate Land beats defender Poulsen


VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: CAS 4; SOO 1; Shots on target: CAS 2; SOO 1; Tackles: CAS 12; SOO 7; Fouls: CAS 0; SOO 0; Bookings: CAS 0; SOO 0; Corners: CAS 1; SOO 0; Offsides: CAS 0; SOO 0; Passing: CAS 92%; SOO 89%; Possession: CAS 47% SOO 53%

GOAL SUMMARY: CAS Vince Taylor (F) 60

  • Uralica 3, Debate Land 2 ET (0-1 at half)

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: URA 11; DEB 11; Shots on target: URA 6; DEB 5; Tackles: URA 17; DEB 20; Fouls: URA 1; DEB 0; Bookings: URA 1; DEB 0; Corners: URA 1; DEB 3; Offsides: URA 0; DEB 0; Passing: URA 90%; DEB 92%; Possession: URA 35%; DEB 65%

GOAL SUMMARY: DEB Davy Arnaud (F) 36; URA Joni Rasimus (F) 60; DEB Josh Wolff (F) 65; URA Ahti Rautamäki (F) 75; URA Joni Rasimus (F) 120

GAME NOTES: A grinding midfield struggle in the first half followed by raucous end-to-end rushes during the second half. Easily the most exciting match so far in the consolation stage, Uralica surprised many with their daring 4-2-4 formation and made the most of their minimal possession. During the first period of extra time, Debate Land were awarded a penalty shot but Uralica’s goalkeeper Matias Hammevik had an easy time against a weak kick by Predrag “Preki” Radosavljević. Uralica never held the lead at any point in the entire match, but in the dying seconds of extra time Joni Rasimus broke through three defenders and hammered the ball home to avoid the impending and dreaded shootout.

FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2010

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: URA 7; CAS 2; Shots on target: URA 3; CAS 1; Tackles: URA 11; CAS 10; Fouls: URA 0; CAS 0; Bookings: URA 0; CAS 0; Corners: URA 4; CAS 2; Offsides: URA 1; CAS 0; Passing: URA 91%; CAS 90%; Possession: URA 54%; CAS 46%

GOAL SUMMARY: URA Joni Rasimus (F) 90

  • Sooners 2, Debated Land 1 ET (1-1 at half)

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: SOO 6; DEB 7; Shots on target: SOO 4; DEB 2; Tackles: SOO 22; DEB 12; Fouls: SOO 1; DEB 0; Bookings: SOO 0; DEB 0; Corners: SOO 1; DEB 3; Offsides: SOO 0; DEB 0; Passing: SOO 93%; DEB 97%; Possession: SOO 49%; DEB 51%

GOAL SUMMARY: DEB Josh Wolff (F) 30; SOO Ebbe Sand (F) 45; SOO Aílton da Silva (F) 111

  • Uralica finished in 21st place (+14 from 35th place in 2009)
  • Cascade finished in 22nd place (did not compete in 2009)
  • Sooners finished in 23rd place (-16 from 7th place in 2009)
  • Debate Land finished in 24th place (did not compete in 2009)

Placement 17th to 20th[]


MLW worldwide (yellow) and Promised Land (white) take to the field at Greenpoint Stadium


Roger cornerkicking for MLW worldwide


Roman sets up a cross for Sonny Anderson to score in extra time for MLW worldwide


Viniland (white) and Prince Edward Island (maroon) taking to the field


Viniland fullback Aloísio Cortez moving play up the wing


PEI midfielder Desmond Arnott throwing in the ball


  • Promised Land defeated Prince Edward Island 0-0 (4-2 PK) (0-0 at half)

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: PRO 4; PEI 3; Shots on target: PRO 2; PEI 1; Tackles: PRO 21; PEI 22; Fouls: PRO 1; PEI 1; Bookings: PRO 0; PEI 0; Corners: PRO 1; PEI 1; Offsides: PRO 0; PEI 0; Passing: PRO 88%; PEI 92%; Possession: PRO 47%; PEI 53%

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: PRO (4) 1-0-1-1-1; PEI (2) 1-0-0-1-X; winning goal PRO (MF) Ivo Ulich

  • MLW worldwide defeated Viniland 1-1 (7-6 PK) (0-0 at half)

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: MLW 8; VIN 4; Shots on target: MLW 2; VIN 2; Tackles: MLW 10; VIN 17; Fouls: MLW 0; VIN 1; Bookings: MLW 0; VIN 0; Corners: MLW 0; VIN 4; Offsides: MLW 0; VIN 0; Passing: MLW 95%; VIN 90%; Possession: MLW 48%; VIN 52%

GOAL SUMMARY: MLW Roman (MF) 68; VIN Robinho (F) 90

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: MLW (7) 0-1-1-1-1-1-1-1; VIN (6) 1-1-1-0-1-1-1-0; winning goal MLW (D) Quique Álvarez

FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2010

  • MLW worldwide 2, Promised Land 1 ET (0-1 at half)

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: MLW 4; PRO 8 Shots on target: MLW 3; PRO 2; Tackles: MLW 18; PRO 17; Fouls: MLW 0; PRO 1; Bookings: MLW 0; PRO 0; Corners: MLW 3; PRO 1; Offsides: MLW 0; PRO 1; Passing: MLW 91%; PRO 90%; Possession: MLW 50%; PRO 50%

GOAL SUMMARY: PRO Oliver Neuville (F) 19; MLW Josico (MF) 61; MLW Sonny Anderson (F) 99

  • Prince Edward Island 1, Viniland 0 (1-0 at half)

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: PEI 5; VIN 4; Shots on target: PEI 5; VIN 2; Tackles: PEI 15; VIN 18; Fouls: PEI 0; VIN 0; Bookings: PEI 0; VIN 0; Corners: PEI 2; VIN 0; Offsides: PEI 0; VIN 0; Passing: PEI 87%; VIN 91%; Possession: PEI 52%; VIN 48%

GOAL SUMMARY: PEI Uno Allbäck (MF) 15

  • MLW worldwide finished in 17th place (+18 from 37th place in 2009)
  • Promised Land finished in 18th place (did not compete in 2009)
  • Prince Edward Island finished in 19th place (+14 from 33rd place in 2009)
  • Viniland finished in 20th place (+20 from 40th place in 2009)

Playoff Results[]

Championship Playoffs[]


Ewethon scores the opening goal for Articuno Islands


Arnold Åbom scoring second goal for Cataduanes versus Sarnungian Republic


Tahoe (green stripes) and Arcadian Empire take to the field in Bloemfontein


Thurston Alderton, Liga Mundo star goalkeeper for Transvaal Springboks


Kees Wattereus scores for Transvaal off a cross pass from Detlef Botha


Lois Luis of Costa Libertad – the greatest fullback ever in Cyber Nations football


VENUE: Staatspresident Botha Stadium, Pretoria

GAME STATISTICS: ART 6; JAN 6; Shots: ART 6; JAN 6; Shots on target: ART 4; JAN 4; Tackles: ART 6; JAN 5; Fouls: ART 0; JAN 0; Bookings: ART 0; JAN 0; Corners: ART 1; JAN 2; Offsides: ART 0; JAN 0; Passing: ART 94%; JAN 91%; Possession: ART 49%; JAN 51%

GOAL SUMMARY: ART Ewethon (F) 10; JAN Diego Alonso (F) 62; ART Tomáš Rosický (MF) 68

VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: CAT 4; SAR 3; Shots on target: CAT 3; SAR 1; Tackles: CAT 20; SAR 9; Fouls: CAT 0; SAR 0; Bookings: CAT 0; SAR 0; Corners: CAT 2; SAR 0; Offsides: CAT 0; SAR 1; Passing: CAT 95%; SAR 90%; Possession: CAT 50%; SAR 50%

GOAL SUMMARY: CAT Arnold Åbom (F) 8; CAT Arnold Åbom (F) 38; CAT Agustin Romero (F) 45

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: TAH 2; ARE 5; Shots on target: TAH 1; ARE 2; Tackles: TAH 9; ARE 13; Fouls: TAH 2; ARE 2; Bookings: TAH 1; ARE 0; Corners: TAH 2; ARE 1; Offsides: TAH 1; ARE 0; Passing: TAH 88%; ARE 85%; Possession: TAH 47%; ARE 53%

GOAL SUMMARY: TAH Aiden McGeady (F) 6; ARE Caleb Monkhouse (F) 36; TAH James McCarthy (F) 45

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium, Cape Town

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: TRA 7; KIL 5; Shots on target: TRA 6; KIL 2; Tackles: TRA 9; KIL 15; Fouls: TRA 0; KIL 3; Bookings: TRA 0; KIL 0; Corners: TRA 1; KIL 0; Offsides: TRA 0; KIL 0; Passing: TRA 88%; KIL 89%; Possession: TRA 52%; KIL 48%

GOAL SUMMARY: TRA Detlef Botha (MF) 29; TRA Kees Wattereus (F) 49; TRA Jamie Alcott (MF) 78; KIL Marlon Harewood (F) 83; TRA Kees Wattereus (F) 86

SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2010

  • Nos Tre Rebublic 1, The Children of Odin 1 (2-1 PK) (0-0 at half, 0-0 at regulation)

VENUE: The Khomasdal, Windhoek

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: NTR 4; ODN 7; Shots on target: NTR 2; ODN 3; Tackles: NTR 16; ODN 23; Fouls: NTR 0; ODN 1; Bookings: NTR 0; ODN 0; Corners: NTR 0; ODN 0; Offsides: NTR 0; ODN 0; Passing: NTR 93; ODN 94; Possession: NTR 48%; ODN 52%

GOAL SUMMARY: NTR Aliaksandr Hleb (MF) 101; ODN Bengt Sæternes (F) 108

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: NTR (2) 1-0-1-0-X; ODN (1) 1-0-0-0-0; winning goal (F) Kevin Kurányi

VENUE: Gaborone Civic Field, Gaborone

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: CHL 6; DEU 4; Shots on target: CHL 3; DEU 3; Tackles: CHL 10; DEU 15; Fouls: CHL 0; DEU 0; Bookings: CHL 0; DEU 0; Corners: CHL 1; DEU 1; Offsides: CHL 0; DEU 0; Passing: CHL 90%; DEU 90%; Possession: CHL 59%; DEU 41%

GOAL SUMMARY: CHL Emmental (MF) 39; CHL Gruyère (F) 44; DEU Roy Makaay (F) 90

  • Adeptes Mechanicus 1, Costa Libertad 1 (5-4 PK) (1-0 at half)

VENUE: Maputo Stadium, Maputo

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: ADM 9; CLD 2; Shots on target: ADM 5; CLD 2; Tackles: ADM 26; CLD 19; Fouls: ADM 0; CLD 0; Bookings: ADM 0; CLD 0; Corners: ADM 2; CLD 1; Offsides: ADM 0; CLD 1; Passing: ADM 93%; CLD 92%; Possession: ADM 53%; CLD 47%

GOAL SUMMARY: ADM David Villa (F) 30; CLD Dés Cavaní (F) 55

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: ADM (5) 1-1-1-0-0-1-1; CLD (4) 1-0-1-0-1-1-0; winning goal (D) Agustín Aranzábal

  • Mac Land 2, Disparu 1 (1-0 at half)

VENUE: Salisbury Municipal Field, Salisbury

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: MAC 3; DIS 4; Shots on target: MAC 2; DIS 1; Tackles: MAC 16; DIS 17; Fouls: MAC 0; DIS 2; Bookings: MAC 0; DIS 0;Corners: MAC 0; DIS 0; Offsides: MAC 0; DIS 1; Passing: MAC 91%; DIS 90%; Possession: MAC 57%; DIS 43%

GOAL SUMMARY: MAC Danijel Ljuboja (F) 16; DIS Frédéric Piquionne (F) 65; MAC Danijel Ljuboja (F) 72



Striker Jan Koller of Articuno Islands


Arnold Åbom setting up for Cataduanes’ first goal versus The Cheeselands


Cathal Whelan scores for Tahoe


Mac Land goalkeeper Jérôme Alonzo steals the ball from Detlef Botha of Transvaal


VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: ART 2; NTR 2; Shots on target: ART 1; NTR 1; Tackles: ART 14; NTR 13; Fouls: ART 0; NTR 0; Bookings: ART 0; NTR 0; Corners: ART 0; NTR 2; Offsides: ART 0; NTR 0; Passing: ART 95%; NTR 97%; Possession: ART 52%; NTR 48%

GOAL SUMMARY: ART Jan Koller (F) 60

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: CHL 6; CAT 6; Shots on target: CHL 5; CAT 3; Tackles: CHL 16; CAT 20; Fouls: CHL 1; CAT 0; Bookings: CHL 0; CAT 0; Corners: CHL 0; CAT 3; Offsides: CHL 1; CAT 0; Passing: CHL 92%; CAT 95%; Possession: CHL 49%; CAT 51%

GOAL SUMMARY: CAT Arnold Åbom (F) 45; CAT Eduardo Begoña (D) 51; CHL Rochefort (MF) 63; CHL Gruyère (F) 85; CAT Arnold Åbom (F) 93; CHL Gruyère (F) 115

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: CHL (4) 1-1-1-1-X; CAT (2) 1-1-0-0-X; winning goal (MF) Provolone

  • Tahoe 2, Adeptes Mechanicus 1 (0-0 at half)

VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium, Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: TAH 5; ADM 3; Shots on target: TAH 4; ADM 2; Tackles: TAH 13; ADM 14; Fouls: TAH 0; ADM 0; Bookings: TAH 0; ADM 0; Corners: TAH 2; ADM 1; Offsides: TAH 0; ADM 0; Passing: TAH 85%; ADM 93%; Possession: TAH 53%; ADM 47%

GOAL SUMMARY: TAH Cathal Whelan (F) 50; TAH Cathal Whelan (F) 60; ADM Savio (F) 67

VENUE: Staatspresident Botha Stadium, Pretoria

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: TRA 7; MAC 6; Shots on target: TRA 5; MAC 2; Tackles: TRA 9; MAC 21; Fouls: TRA 1; MAC 0; Bookings: TRA 1; MAC 0; Corners: TRA 2; MAC 4; Offsides: TRA 0; MAC 0; Passing: TRA 92%; MAC 93%; Possession: TRA 50%; MAC 50%

GOAL SUMMARY: TRA Detlef Botha (MF) 9; TRA Charles Brennan (F) 87

Consolation Round - 9th to 16th[]


#22 Diego Alonso sneaking the ball past Deutschland’s keeper to steal J Andres’ lone, winning goal


Fredi Bobič going airborne on a crossed pass to score for Sarnungian Republic


Arcadian Empire (blue and black stripes) and Costa Libertad (white sweaters) enter Loftus Versfeld to the delight of a capacity crowd of 52,000 fans


Leandro Avilés Rebiñho curls the ball past Cesar Olarticoechea for Costa Libertad’s only goal


Two legends of Liga Mundo: Arcadian Empire star Caleb Monkhouse beats Costa Libertad keeper Diego Alegre as fullback legend Lois Luis looks on


Dermott Kewett scores the game-winner for Arcadian Empire after deftly beating Lois Luis, Roc Taja, and César Véla


Teddy Sheringham of Killallippies going in for the early kill to get his team on the scoreboard


Roy Makaay of Deutschland


Lois Luis of Costa Libertad


Goalkeeper Diogo Alegre of Costa Libertad


Nigel Reo-Coker of Killallippies trying to beat Diogo Alegre


Claudio Pizarro scoring for Deutschland versus The Children of Odin


Arcadian Empire and Sarnungian Republic take to the field in Pretoria


Sarnungian Republic keeper deflecting the ball for the save…


…but then Charlie Purser heads the cornerkick for Arcadian Empire


Fredi Bobič beats Arcadian keeper Cesar Olarticoechea on a late corner kick

MONDAY, MARCH 22, 2010

VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium, Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: JAN 5; DEU 1; Shots on target: JAN 4; DEU 1; Tackles: JAN 29; DEU 26; Fouls: JAN 0; DEU 1; Bookings: JAN 0; DEU 1; Corners: JAN 0; DEU 1; Offsides: JAN 0; DEU 0; Passing: JAN 76%; DEU 91%; Possession: JAN 50%; DEU 50%

GOAL SUMMARY: JAN Diego Alonso (F) 60

GAME NOTES: An extraordinary upset as an anxious and scrambled J Andres squad played desperation football to complete success as they bagged a timely goal against the highly-favoured champions of Transvaal World Cup III. With both teams playing hard for the ball on the ground, much of the second half of the match entailed J Andres gaining trying to gain possession to simply boot the ball back down the field deep into Deutschland’s zone as they played a game of ball denial to kill time off the clock and defend their threadbare lead.

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: SAR 5; ODN 4; Shots on target: SAR 4; ODN 0; Tackles: SAR 17; ODN 15; Fouls: SAR 1; ODN 1; Bookings: SAR 0; ODN 0; Corners: SAR 0; ODN 0; Offsides: SAR 0; ODN 0; Passing: SAR 92%; ODN 83%; Possession: SAR 58%; ODN 42%

GOAL SUMMARY: SAR Marcelinho (MF) 68; SAR Fredi Bobič (F) 81

GAME NOTES: Although going into the match the weaker side, The Children of Odin started out quite well and looked to be the better team until Sarnungian Republic woke up in the second half and scored two impressive goals to extinguish the Odins’ hopes and efforts.

VENUE: Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: ARE 10; CLD 8; Shots on target: ARE 6; CLD 4; Tackles: ARE 18; CLD 14; Fouls: ARE 1; CLD 0; Bookings: ARE 0; CLD 0; Corners: ARE 1; CLD 3; Offsides: ARE 0; CLD 0; Passing: ARE 94%; CLD 92%; Possession: ARE 52%; CLD 48%

GOAL SUMMARY: CLD Leandro Avilés Rebiñho (F) 29; ARE Caleb Monkhouse (F) 34; ARE Dermott Kewell (F) 87

GAME SUMMARY: There are two types of matches which attract major fan attention during the TWC. First are the match-ups against the football powers which generally never meet. And then there are the classic derby match-ups, such as the legendary Arcadian Empire vs Costa Libertad card, which always guarantees the interest of the dedicated and serious footballing fan.

Originally scheduled for Vrystaat Stadium, once this match was determined and announced, venerable Loftus Verseld Stadium in Pretoria, home of the Liga Mundo Transvaal Springboks, was secured as a larger, more suitable venue. Loftus Verfeld has never hosted a Transvaal Cup match (with Staatspresident Botha Stadium used as the venue in Pretoria) – however the Liga Mundo Springboks offered up use of their stadium rent-free as this would satiate demand for tickets in what would be an obvious sell-out.

With tickets sold out in the first hour, the stands were full with traveling fans from Arcadian Empire and Costa Libertad, as well as vocal and partisan Springbok followers, normally bitter rivals in Liga Mundo with both Arcadian and Costa Libertadorian sides, who temporally chose respective sides to follow – with friends and family arguing over the finer details of which one of the otherwise rival opponents deserved the more support.

Although Costa Libertad played a tighter, calculated methodical system throughout, once Arcadian Empire was able to focus from their rather unusual surroundings (they were deemed the ‘home’ side in what have generally been hostile grounds for them) and regroup from some early defensive blunders, they became typically dangerous on the attack as Caleb Monkhouse and Dermott Kewell often crashed their way through the famed Costa Libertad defensive wall. Both sides seemed to throw defense to the wind as a total of eighteen shots were seen from both teams.

Both goalkeepers were up for the duel as Costa Libertad keeper Diogo Alegre was peppered with 10 shots while his opposite Cesar Olarticoechea stared down the 8 shots fired his way.

Leandro Avilés Rebiñho opened the scoring for Costa Libertad but the goal seemed to wake up Arcadian Empire as Caleb Monkhosue struck back five minutes later to tied it up 1-1. Then as rest of the match settled into a balanced midfield battle between two colossal powers, Dermott Kewell somehow broke through Lois Luis, Roc Taja, and César Véla to catch Diego Alegre napping in the 87th minute.

Regardless the outcome, a match that will go down in Transvaal Cup history as one of the legendary and most sought-after and anticipated match-ups of all time.

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: DIS 9; KIL 7; Shots on target: DIS 6; KIL 4; Tackles: DIS 17; KIL 12; Fouls: DIS 3; KIL 0; Bookings: DIS 0; KIL 0; Corners: DIS 1; KIL 0; Offsides: DIS 1; KIL 1; Passing: DIS 92%; KIL 80%; Possession: DIS 54%; KIL 47%

GOAL SUMMARY: KIL Teddy Sheringham (F) 7; DIS Anthony Le Tallec (F) 13; DIS Anthony Le Tallec (F) 21; KIL Nigel Reo-Coker (MF) 61; DIS Frédéric Piquionne (F) 77

GAME SUMMARY: In what was expected to be a fairly neutral and uneventful game, an entertaining back-and-forth high-scoring game was a welcome and pleasant surprise for the fans which came out for the match. Tenacious sniping by Le Tallec of Disparu quickly reversed an early one-goal deficit. Killallippies would later even up the score at after Le Tallec was carded for a dangerous tackle a few feet shy of the penalty box. The resulting free kick was fed to a waiting and open Nigel Reo-Coker who made it 2-2 Reo-Coker came on as an injury substitute at the start of the second half and was an unstoppable force to quarterback the Killallippies midfield and attack – however he was unable to prevent a well-played and positioned corner kick which gave Disparu what would be the game winner.


VENUE: Staatspresident Botha Stadium, Pretoria

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: ARE 7; JAN 2; Shots on target: ARE 4; JAN 1; Tackles: ARE 23; JAN 11; Fouls: ARE 0; JAN 0; Bookings: ARE 0; JAN 0; Corners: ARE 0; JAN 0; Offsides: ARE 1; JAN 1; Passing: ARE 89%; JAN 95%; Possession: ARE 54%; JAN 46%

GOAL SUMMARY: ARE Dermott Kewell (F) 120

VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium, Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: SAR 2; DIS 5; Shots on target: DIS 0; SAR 0; Tackles: SAR 16; DIS 15; Fouls: DIS 0; SAR 0; Bookings: DIS 0; SAR 0; Corners: DIS 0; SAR 0; Offsides: DIS 0; SAR 0; Passing: SAR 82%; DIS 88%; Possession: SAR 46%; DIS 54%

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: SAR (3) 0-1-0-0-1-1; DIS (2) 1-0-1-0-0-0; winning goal (MF) Dándai

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: DEU 5; CLD 6 Shots on target: DEU 2; CLD 3; Tackles: DEU 15; CLD 22; Fouls: DEU 0; CLD 0; Bookings: DEU 0; CLD 0; Corners: DEU 0; CLD 0; Offsides: DEU 0; CLD 1; Passing: DEU 93%; CLD 92%; Possession: DEU 50%; CLD 50%

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: DEU (4) 1-1-0-1-0-1; CLD (3) 0-1-1-0-1-0; winning goal (MF) Torsten Frings

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: ODN 2; KIL 4; Shots on target: ODN 2; KIL 2; Tackles: ODN 25; KIL 29; Fouls: ODN 0; KIL 0; Bookings: ODN 0; KIL 0; Corners: ODN 1; KIL 1; Offsides: ODN 0; KIL 0; Passing: ODN 94%; KIL 89%; Possession: ODN 55%; KIL 45%

GOAL SUMMARY: ODN Charlie Brown (MF) 52; KIL Teddy Sheringham (F) 82

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: ODN (3) 1-0-1-0-1; KIL (2) 0-1-1-0-0; winning goal (MF) Cato Guntveit

SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: CLD 5; KIL 5; Shots on target: CLD 4; KIL 3; Tackles: CLD 23; KIL 10; Fouls: CLD 0; KIL 0; Bookings: CLD 0; KIL 0; Corners: CLD 0; KIL 0; Offsides: CLD 1; KIL 1; Passing: CLD 91%; KIL 94%; Possession: CLD 54%; KIL 46

GOAL SUMMARY: CLD Dés Cavaní (F) 45

VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium, Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: DEU 4; ODN 3; Shots on target: DEU 3; ODN 2; Tackles: DEU 8; ODN 9; Fouls: DEU 0; ODN 0; Bookings: DEU 0; ODN 0; Corners: DEU 1; ODN 3; Offsides: DEU 0; ODN 0; Passing: DEU 85%; ODN 88%; Possession: DEU 52%; ODN 48%

GOAL SUMMARY: DEU Claudio Pizarro (F) 62

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: DIS 2; JAN 4; Shots on target: DIS 1; JAN 1; Tackles: DIS 20; JAN 14; Fouls: DIS 1; JAN 1; Bookings: DIS 1; JAN 1; Corners: DIS 1; JAN 0; Offsides: DIS 0; JAN 2; Passing: DIS 90%; JAN 95%; Possession: DIS 48%; JAN 52%

GOAL SUMMARY: DIS Anthony Le Tallec (F) 100

  • Sarnungian Republic 2, Arcadian Empire 1 (0-1 at half)

VENUE: Staatspresident Botha Stadium, Pretoria

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: SAR 4; ARE 9; Shots on target: SAR 2; ARE 4; Tackles: SAR 14; ARE 12; Fouls: SAR 2; ARE 1; Bookings: SAR 1; ARE 0; Corners: SAR 2; ARE 3; Offsides: SAR 0; ARE 0; Passing: SAR 78%; ARE 83%; Possession: SAR 42%; ARE 58%

GOAL SUMMARY: ARE Charlie Purser (MF) 22; SAR Marcelinho (F) 81; SAR Fredi Bobič (F) 87

  • Sarnungian Republic finished in 9th place (+33 from 42nd place in 2009)
  • Arcadian Empire finished in 10th place (-8 from 2nd place in 2009)
  • Disparu finished in 11th place (did not compete in 2009)
  • J Andres finished in 12th place (+9 from 21st place in 2009)
  • Deutschland finished in 13th place (-12 from 1st place in 2009)
  • The Children of Odin finished in 14th place (-2 from 12th place in 2009)
  • Costa Libertad finished in 15th place (+4 from 19th place in 2009)
  • Killallippies finished in 16th place (-11 from 6th place in 2009)

Consolation Round - 5th to 8th[]


Kevin Kuranyi scores for Nos Tre Rebublic against Mac Land


Cataduanes (in blue and white) and Adeptes Mechanicus (in red) take to the field

MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2010

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: NTR 2; MAC 3; Shots on target: NTR 2; MAC 1; Tackles: NTR 8; MAC 12; Fouls: NTR 2; MAC 0; Bookings: NTR 1; MAC 0; Corners: NTR 2; MAC 2; Offsides: NTR 0; MAC 0; Passing: NTR 88%; MAC 97%; Possession: NTR 51%; MAC 49%

GOAL SUMMARY: NTR Kevin Kuranyi (F) 52

  • Cataduanes 0, Adeptes Mechanicus 0 (3-2 PK) (0-0 at half)

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: CAT 4; ADM 3; Shots on target: CAT 1; ADM 0; Tackles: CAT 16; ADM 16; Fouls: CAT 0; ADM 0; Bookings: CAT 0; ADM 0; Corners: CAT 0; ADM 1; Offsides: CAT 1; ADM 1; Passing: CAT 90%; ADM 89%; Possession: CAT 57%; ADM 43%

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: CAT (3) 1-1-0-1-X; ADM (2) 0-1-1-0-0; winning goal (MF) Unax Sena


  • Mac Land 1, Adeptes Mechanicus 1 (4-3 PK) (0-0 at half, 0-0 at regulation)

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: MAC 1; ADM 4; Shots on target: MAC 1; ADM 2; Tackles: MAC 22; ADM 23; Fouls: MAC 0; ADM 0; Bookings: MAC 0; ADM 0; Corners: MAC 0; ADM 0; Offsides: MAC 0; ADM 0; Passing: MAC 91%; ADM 92%; Possession: MAC 52%; ADM 48%

GOAL SUMMARY: ADM David Villa (F) 96; MAC Edouard Cissé (MF) 109

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: MAC (4) 1-1-1-0-1; ADM (3) 0-1-1-0-1; winning goal (MF) Branko Bošković

VENUE: Vrystaat Stadium, Bloemfontein

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: CAT 5; NTR 4; Shots on target: CAT 4; NTR 2; Tackles: CAT 7; NTR 10; Fouls: CAT 2; NTR 1; Bookings: CAT 1; NTR 0; Corners: CAT 0; NTR 2; Offsides: CAT 0; NTR 0; Passing: CAT 88%; NTR 88%; Possession: CAT 55%; NTR 45%

GOAL SUMMARY: CAT Arnold Åbom (F) 33; NTR Aliaksandr Hleb (MF) 53; CAT Nbeko Yebga (F) 87

  • Cataduanes finished in 5th place (+20 from 25th place in 2009)
  • Nos Tre Rebublic finished in 6th place (did not complete in 2009)
  • Mac Land finished in 7th place (+7 from 14th place in 2009
  • Adeptes Mechanicus finished in 8th place (did not compete in 2009)



Tomáš Rosický’s goal against Thurston Alderton of Transvaal puts Articuno Islands into the championship final


Gruyère scoring his second goal for The Cheeselands against Kasey Keller of Tahoe


Kasey Keller is beaten again by The Cheeselands attack

MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2010

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: ART 7; TRA 2; Shots on target: ART 3; TRA 1; Tackles: ART 14; TRA 18; Fouls: ART 0; TRA 1; Bookings: ART 0; TRA 1; Corners: ART 2; TRA 2; Offsides: ART 0; TRA 0; Passing: ART 90%; TRA 80%; Possession: ART 57%; TRA 43%

GOAL SUMMARY: ART Tomáš Rosický (MF) 51

VENUE: Greenpoint Stadium - Kaapstad (Cape Town)

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: CHL 10; TAH 5; Shots on target: CHL 7; TAH 1; Tackles: CHL 21; TAH 18; Fouls: CHL 0; TAH 0; Bookings: CHL 0; TAH 0; Corners: CHL 1; TAH 0; Offsides: CHL 0; TAH 0; Passing: CHL 90%; TAH 95%; Possession: CHL 51%; TAH 49%

GOAL SUMMARY: CHL Gruyère (F) 24; TAH James McCarthy (F) 84; CHL Gruyère (F) 113; CHL Gorgonzola (MF) 120

TRANSVALER DAAGLIKSE SPORTNUUS: The Cheeselands-Tahoe tilt was bound to be a colossal match-up regardless - and it was a lot closer than the scoreline tells although Tahoe was playing catch-up for much of the game. Tahoe had its chances to bury the match but a goalpost made all the difference.

As for Transvaal-Articuno Islands, the Springboks simply played horrible and had no offensive finish. It was more a case that they defeated themselves rather than Articuno Islands really dominating them at all. Detlef Botha was unable to penetrate through the centre midfield and this forced a lot of deep wing crosses through the goal box which the Articuno Islander left and right backs were able to disrupt with relative ease. But while Articuno Islands played well in their own end, most of their chances were wild attempts from far outside with a few balls sailing high over the Transvaler goal. Their lone goal came as a result of an unfortunate defensive turnover by #4 Anthony Davids, the best fullback in the Nordreich Liga.

Our predictions now are The Cheeselands wins the Cup (with Articuno Islands getting silver) while Tahoe takes down Transvaal in extra time or shootout for the bronze. The Bronze Medal game should be close - but we are smelling a walk in the park for The Cheeselands.

Having taken down the defending champions, Tahoe and Arcadian Empire were really the only other squads we thought would give The Cheeselands any serious trouble heading into the playoffs. Tahoe removed that threat of Arcadian Empire, so all that then remained in The Cheeselands' way was to get past Tahoe - which they have done. That said but Cataduanes, which should have been an easy match-up for them, gave them a real scare. Should the Pinoys have had advanced, smart money would have then been on Tahoe to get past Cataduanes and find themselves in the final.

A Tahoe-Transvaal final - a battle on the pitch between two very close Nordreich allies - would have been rather interesting. We weren’t really expecting it would be the opposite, as Articuno Islands have a good team but not particularly outstanding team - after all, they only just barely made it out of Pool D (what did we say about the preliminary stage being the hardest part of the tournament?) We really did not envisage them making it into the semi-finals, let alone the finals; we actually thought for darkhorses, the team to watch was Nos Tre Rebublic because of their strong showing in both qualification and preliminary.

Third Place - Bronze Medal[]


Ricardo van Deinsen scoring versus Keiren Westwood of Tahoe to give Transvaal the bronze medal


VENUE: Jake Felan Stadium, Johannesburg

GAME STATISTICS: Shots: TRA 6; TAH 12; Shots on target: TRA 2; TAH 5; Tackles: TRA 24; TAH 17; Fouls: TRA 2; TAH 3; Bookings: TRA 2; TAH 1; Corners: TRA 0; TAH 2; Offsides: TRA 0; TAH 1; Passing: TRA 81%; TAH 95%; Possession: TRA 56%; TAH 44%

GOAL SUMMARY: TRA Ricardo van Deinsen (F) 45

  • Transvaal finished in 3rd place (+1 from 4th place in 2009)
  • Tahoe finished in 4th place (+23 from 27th place in 2009)

Transvaal Cup Championship - Gold Medal[]


The two finalists taking to the field in the deciding match


Guillaume Warmuz watches as The Cheeselands’ Gruyère’s unchallenged attempt sails past him


Ewerthon cannonades the ball past Cheeselandic keeper Limburg to tie up the match 1-1


Evanílson Ferreira trips up Emmental in the penalty box during extra time and finds himself expelled


Gruyère beats Warmuz on the penalty kick


Jan Koller scores against Limburg in the final seconds of extra time to give Articuno Islands life support with the shootout


VENUE: Staatspresident Botha Stadium, Pretoria

FIRST HALF STATISTICS: Shots: CHL 2; ART 0; Shots on target: CHL 2; ART 0; Tackles: CHL 5; ART 4; Fouls: CHL 0; ART 0; Bookings: CHL 0; ART 0; Corners: CHL 0; ART 1; Offsides: CHL 0; ART 0; Passing: CHL 87%; ART 88%; Possession: CHL 49%’; ART 51%

AT END OF REGULATION: Shots: CHL 5; ART 1; Shots on target: CHL 2; ART 1; Tackles: CHL 13; ART 14; Fouls: CHL 0; ART 1; Bookings: CHL 0; ART 1; Corners: CHL 1; ART 1; Offsides: CHL 0; ART 0; Passing: CHL 87%; ART 92%; Possession: CHL 56%; ART 44%

FINAL MATCH STATISTICS: Shots: CHL 8; ART 3; Shots on target: CHL 3; ART 2; Tackles: CHL 20; ART 20; Fouls: CHL 0; ART 2; Bookings: CHL 0; ART 2; Corners: CHL 2; ART 3; Offsides: CHL 1; ART 0; Passing: CHL 88%; ART 91%; Possession: CHL 55%; ART 45%

GOAL SUMMARY: CHL Gruyère (F); ART Ewerthon (F) 70; CHL Gruyère (F) 101; ART Jan Koller (F) 120

PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT: CHL (4) 1-1-1-0-1; ART (2) 0-0-1-1-X; winning goal (MF) Wensleydale

GAME NOTES: Unlike the earlier sleeper played in Gaborone, the Championship Final was simply an incredible ending to the tournament. The match could not have been scripted better, complete with controversy, drama, and excitement. Observers are calling it the greatest match ever seen played at the Transvaal World Cup.

The Cheeselands got on the scoreboard very early, while many fans were still in the process of taking their seats, when Gruyère was fed the ball off the opening kick-off and found an opening through two defenders to catch the Articuno Islands keeper Guillaume Warmuz flatfooted. The Cheeselands maintained control of the game for the next half hour or so but then momentum began to slowly shift in Articuno’s favour.

The Islanders were obviously fired up from their halftime pep talk as they came out hard against the Cheesemen. Eventually their hard work paid off when Ewerthon belted the ball past Cheeselandic keeper Limburg to tie up the match in the 70th minute. However once back in the game, Articuno Islands began to stall and momentum shifted back to The Cheeselands. However neither side could find any mistakes to capitalise on – and to the surprise of no one, extra time was required.

At the 101th minute, it looked like Articuno Islands were handing the championship over on a plate when Evanílson Ferreira tripped up Emmental in the penalty box as he was moving in for the kill. The dangerous tackle gave Emmental a penalty shot from which he scored - and saw Evanílson thrown out of the game. Now down by both a goal and a man, the shorthanded Articuno Islanders continued to persevere against all adversity.

In the dying second of extra time, The Cheeselands coughed up a late cornerkick – and against all odds and beating the clock, Jan Koller beat Limburg for the ball and scored to force the game into a shootout.

Many fans felt that with the obstacle of playing shorthanded now past, that Arcticuno Islands would somehow strike good luck a second time – but that was not meant to be as The Cheeselands handily made Swiss cheese out of Warmuz to win the shootout 4 goals to 2 and win Transvaal World Cup IV.

Regardless the outcome, fans felt this was the best match of the tournament – a fitting finale – and perhaps the greatest seen in the four years of the tournament. Once the initial player celebrations had quieted down on the pitch, both teams assembled at the centre line as Staatspresident Botha and Deputy Prime Minister Hendrik Strijdom made their appearance to award the Breytenbach Memorial Trophy – symbolic of the Transvaal Cup championship – to Gruyère, the captain of The Cheeselands team.

Throughout the tournament, there had been much speculation in the Transvaler press whether Prime Minister Annetjie van Matteus would make the trophy presentation along with the Staatspreident – a rather macabre and uncomfortable prospect considering that the championship cup is named after Hans Breytenbach, the Transvaal Minister for Sport & Athletics who instituted the inaugural Transvaal Cup in 2007 and then one month later was later tragically murdered in cold blood by then-Prime Minister Annetjie van Matteus on national television during a period of severe government unrest caused by FAN’s Operation Overlord. Ultimately, to the relief of what would have been an embarrassed government, Prime Minister van Matteus wisely stayed out of the public spotlight during the entire tournament and kept a low profile while Strijdom stood in for her at any official functions specifically requiring the attendance of the prime minister.

Botha then thanked all the teams and foreign supporters which had made the long journey to Southern Africa to participate in the annual event. He wished them all a safe journey home and expressed hope that everyone would return again next year to take part again in 2011 before he officially declared the successful and famous tournament over for another year.

Prize Money Awarded[]

Rankings & Placement[]

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PRIZE MONEY: The following prize money will be awarded by the Government of Transvaal as foreign aid (any alliance surrender or war restrictions shall apply): 1st place = $3,000,000; 2nd place = $2,000,000; 3rd place = $1,000,000. NOTE: Transvaal's finish does not count towards prize money.

ARBITRATION: Botha is the final arbitrator of all decisions regarding the tournament. FIFA2005 is the AI platform for managing and playing out the tournament.

ENTRIES: Entries are made under your in-game nation name; RP entities will not be accepted

TEAM ASSIGMENT: Pre-set stock teams in FIFA2005 will be assigned to represent your national squads. Entrants pick one of the following nationalities to represent their team: England, Scotland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Korea, USA, Brazil, or Mexico. Team assigned will be determined by Botha based on your nationality selection as well as a couple of secret factors. Previous tournament participation will improve the quality of your team.

QUALIFICATION: The maximum number of teams that will make the actual Tournament is 32. Transvaal (host) and Deutschland (defending champions) are automatic slots. Entry will be based on previous participation, with 22 team slots going to the most senior previous participants. All other teams will then go through qualification matches for the remaining 8 team slots.

MATCH RULES: Preliminary round-robin games can end in win, loss, or draw; 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. Single-game knock out games are played under Transvaal Football Union rules for deciding draws: if both teams are drawn after 90 minutes, sudden-death overtime is played for 30 minutes (2 x 15 minute periods). If still drawn after extra-time, then a shootout will follow.

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