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The TranceAddicts Club is a large dance music club in Kirov, Uralica, located downtown. Its maximum capacity is ten thousand people, and it is open every day of the week, from 4PM to 2AM. Besides being a dance club, it also houses a restaurant, The Holy Roller.

It has extreme significance when it comes to the development of electronic music in Uralica. Every major Uralican electronica producer, whether trance, industrial, acid, jungle, Big Beat, ambient, lounge, or even symphonic electronica, has been given playing time in the club and on the adjoined radio station, JTAC.

Trance music is the most-played music at this club, as the name implies, and the Late Night Launch from 11PM to 2AM is always brimming with the latest in trance. 8PM to 11PM is the "bookable time" where live acts can book concerts/DJ sets to do, and if this is not filled it is often used for a musical "theme" - sometimes it focuses on a genre, other times on a specific artist, and other times still on a city in Uralica.

Another thing TranceAddicts Club is famous for is its no-alcohol-allowed policy. As club founder Juha Korpela once said, "If you want a club where you can get drunk and make a fool of yourself trying to 'pick up chicks,' this club is NOT for you. [It's] all about the music." Jarkko Salomäki, himself both a sporadic patron and a musical benefactor of the club, added, "The hardest drink you'll find there is fresh-made lemonade!"

Official Schedule[]

  • 12PM-4PM - Pre-opening, closed to public; setup time for all sets
  • 4PM-5PM - Hits Of The Day (popular electronic tunes)
  • 5PM-6PM - Suppertime Set
  • 6PM-8PM - Hot Off The Presses (new music)
  • 8PM-11PM - Theme Time/Concert
    • Sunday - Divine Drum 'n' Bass
    • Monday - Mellow Mondays (ambient)
    • Tuesday - Tribulation Tuesdays (industrial music)
    • Wednesday - Wild Wednesdays (Big Beat)
    • Thursday - New Music Thursdays (new music, all genres)
    • Friday - Fast And Furious Fridays (hard and uplifting trance)
    • Saturday - Symphonic Saturdays (symphonic electronica)
  • 11PM-2AM - Late Night Launch (trance marathon set)
  • 2AM-12PM - building closed