For other forms of sanction, see Sanction.

Sanctions are essentially trade penalties that the senators of a certain team may impose upon anyone of the same team color.

Sanction Penalties[edit | edit source]

If a nation is sanctioned by the senate of a certain team, this means that the sanctioned nation will no longer be able to trade with members of the sanctioning team, and will have all current trades with members of the sanctioning team canceled.

Foreign aid may also be sanctioned against a nation by the senators of a team. Existing foreign aid offers at the time of the sanction will not be canceled, however the sanctioned nation will no longer be able to send or receive foreign aid offers with members of the sanctioning team.

Sanction Limitations[edit | edit source]

Sanctions, once declared, may last for an indefinite period of time. After a three-day period following the sanction, it may be repealed. Sanctions may only be imposed or repealed by the top three elected senators of a team. Any sanctions imposed by former elected senators will stay in effect even after their leave of power, and can be canceled by newly elected senators. Teams may impose only a maximum of 30 sanctions at a time.

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