Merge sign Merge notice
This alliance merged with the League of Aqua Nations to form the Aquatic Coalition Front.

Merger occurred on/around April 20, 2008

Total Liberation Front-TeLF

Flag of TeLF

Team Color Mixed
Founded August 20, 2007
In-Game Stats Stats
Ruling Council
  • Tehol
The Body Council
  • Minister of Information:
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs:
  • Minister of Internal Foreign Affairs:
  • Minister of Friendly Foreign Affairs:
  • Minister of Combat:
    -Oppressor of Worlds
  • Minister of Internal Affairs:
  • Minister of Recruitment:
  • Minister of Admissions:
Diplomats, Recruitment Officers and Positions of some Note
  • Darth Robby: -Diplomat
Supported Senators
  • Mordecai McGillicuddy of Morduskvene:--Pink Team
International Relations


Mutual Defense Pact

Teh Elves were founded by two leaders from the disbanded Phoenix Police Force, and all contact could be made here.

On Sunday, April 20, 2008 TeLF merged with LAN, the League of Aqua Nations. This was done because there were many members of TeLF who were good friends with members of LAN. Most treaties were carried over, and a mixed RoK-Echelon protectorate was signed over ACF, Aquatic Coalition Front.