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Titodafarmer started his journey in CN in October 2006. He played on and off until June 2007. He joined Global United Nations (GUN). He became a Defense deputy and then a Minister of Foreign Affairs(6 months), then Security Council(6 months). After a confrontation with a rogue founder, he left for Viridian Entente. He stayed in VE until ArGo asked him to join, where he served as a Minister of Foreign Affairs for 2 months, where he decided to join New Pacific Order. He was in the NPO for 6 months, doing basic diplomat and media things. The community was not what he expected, so he joined Ordo Verde. He became their Foreign Affairs minister for 2 months, and then the alliance merged into VE. He then joined the Colonial Independence Association, and later Veritas Aequitas. After that, he jumped to Tetris, where he stayed for a time until he joined Non Grata where he was Minister of Defense.

His nation was Titos Farmers.

Titodafarmer was tragically killed in January of 2014 by a shooter at Purdue University. Tito was a good member of the community and a good friend. He will be dearly missed.

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