National Flag
"A nation where you can rock and roll all night and party every day."
Capital City Kudhavoo
Established 8/19/2006
Nation Team Red team Red
Currency Currency Austral Austral
Native Resources Lumber Furs

Nation History Edit

The history of Tithorea reaches back to the ancient city of Yanjing. Yanjing was built on the coast of the Yellow Sea near the outlet of the Huang He River. Ruled by Vercingetorix, this nation grew and prospered underneath the banner of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization. Vercingetorix represented the nation in the General Assembly of the alliance, and was elected to several positions; Minister of Elections, Minister of Defense, and Assembly Chairman, chronologically listed.

During the Great Patriotic War, Vercingetorix led his nation to outright destruction. After launching nuclear missiles at several NPO nations, he declared war on another to send ground troops. Several NPO nations fought to protect their comrades, for a total of five wars that Nanjing was involved in. The nation was leveled and brought to zero infrastructure. Vercingetorix and a group of devoted followers escaped the city. The former lands of Yanjing were donated to GATO, who let them lie barren and eventually the lands were forgotten.

After a time of wandering, the group settled down in the Maldives, where they built the nation of Tithorea. Vercingetorix was elected leader again, and took on the new name Mighty_Bahb to symbolize the new era. The fledgling nation joined the Federation and immediately made an impact in the government. The alliance crumbled despite Bahb's best efforts, and he left to join the Legion. There he was elected to Speaker of the League of Nations before leaving several weeks before the term ended.

Returning to the name Vercingetorix, Tithorea joined the New Pacific Order. The nation remains there today and will remain there in the future.

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