The War of the Coalition was a large scale global conflict which started on August 11, 2008 and effectively ended on September 11, 2008. This is a timeline of events that that happened throughout the war.


August 11, 2008Edit

August 12, 2008Edit

August 13, 2008Edit

  • Greenland Republic declares war on Valhalla and GGA for attacking their protectorate, Hyperion.
  • TORN backs up their previous declaration of support for GGA and Valhalla by issuing a declaration of war on Greenland Republic. TORN's protectorate, Ordo Recolitus, joins at their request.
  • Molon Labe issues a declaration of war, revealed from the Cyber Nations Wars Around the Globe screen to be on GR.
  • The Sons Of Liberty In Defiance (SOLID) honor their defense pact with the Hyperion and declares war on "all nations currently at war with Hyperion."
  • Elysium declares war on Greenland Republic, honoring their defense treaty with Valhalla.
  • Emperor AlmightyGrub of the New Polar Order declares war on any alliance attacking SOLID or GR. The only formal declarations on those two alliances up to that point had come from GGA, Valhalla, TORN, OR, Molon Labe, and Elysium.
  • Dadaflex, a Hyperion nation, launches a nuclear assault on two Valhalla nations and is removed from Hyperion by Epiphanus, who asserts that Hyperion will not condone nuclear first strikes. SOLID later issues a statement echoing those sentiments.
  • Boards Alliance of Protectorate States supports their ally, Valhalla, and declares war on SOLID.
  • Vox Populi reforms, featuring many players who had previously left the game, and declares war on GGA and Valhalla.
  • Although their nations had attacked those assaulting GGA, Valhalla, & their allies since the previous night, Sparta issues an informal declaration of war after a topic is created in the Open World Forum discussing their stance in the ongoing conflict.

August 14, 2008Edit

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