Thunder Strike
Triumvir of the Random Insanity Alliance

Thunder Strike is the ruler of Storm Heaven. He is a member of the Random Insanity Alliance and was given the title of Trade Guy on February 13, 2009 due to his work with trade circles. He became the Head of Recruitment of the RIA on May 27, 2009 which he held for a little over 4 months. He is currently a Triumvir of the Random Insanity Alliance


Thunder Strike, after being recruited by Arsenal 10, applied and was accepted into Random Insanity Alliance on November 15, 2007, after being unaligned since his nation was founded on November 9, 2007. Thunder Strike has, since then, been a regular and loyal member of the RIA. Though he had not run for any government position, he has always worked with economics. Due to this and his work helping the Head of Economics and the alliance by creating trade circles, he was given the title of Trade Guy of the Random Insanity Alliance on February 13, 2009 by DrunkWino, one of the Triumvirs of the RIA. In the May 2009 elections Thunder Strike decided to finally run for government, running for the position of Head of Recruitment. As no one choose to run against him he was elected into the position automatically. Previous to him running he was known to have been a proficient recruiter and at time recruiting many new nations in the RIA. On May 26, 2009 King_Srqt announced his intention to resign from his current position as Head of Recruitment and from alliance. He nominated Thunder Strike to replace him for the final days of the month making Thunder Strike the HoR several days early. After serving just over 2 terms as Head of Recruitment Thunder Strike ran unopposed for Triumvir replacing Agent Lemon, who although was officially in the election had already indicated he wasn't seeking re-election.



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