This alliance has disbanded as of May 2012.
Through Yggdrasil's Roots
Founded July 1, 2011
Founding Nations Star Gazing, BW Empire, Corticos, COG Rebellion, Selenarctos, Sunetica, Svendonia, Stryker, Badonkadonk, and Niflheim
Color Team Black
IRC #TYR @ Coldfront
Stats Through Yggdrasils Roots
Forums TYR
Council I
Interior Council Head: Altantsetseg XXXVII of Star Gazing
Diplomacy Council Head: GOWFANATIC of COG Rebellion
War Council Head: iKrolm of Selenarctos
For the original incarnation of TYR see Through Yggdrasil's Roots (1st).

Through Yggdrasil's Roots - or TYR - derives from an old alliance also known by the same name that was based in Maroon. After over a year and a half of inactivity within the alliance, the remaining member nations disbanded within Maroon and moved to Black, creating this TYR. We still hold strong to the former TYR and maintain some of its traditions.

We welcome all new member nations, diplomats and visitors to our community. We engage ourselves in every play aspect to ensure that our member nations have the opportunity to enjoy our alliance and Planet Bob to the fullest. Our alliance is governed by laws and regulations as laid out in the Zombie Vikings' Declaration. We accept applicants who are on a different team for the purpose of trades.

Participate in our role plays or start one of your own, learn how to build your nation, go on Viking raids by yourself or with other member nations, get involved in TYR politics and internal projects, or simply become part of our wonderful family. Feel free to introduce yourself and dive into our world and adventure Through Yggdrasil's Roots!

Government of TYREdit

  • Viceroy: Lurunin of Brumin, Captain of PPO
  • Interior Council
    • Head Councilor: Altantsetseg XXXVII of Star Gazing
  • Diplomacy Council
    • Head Councilor: GOWFANATIC of COG Rebellion
  • War Council
    • Head Councilor: iKrolm of Selenarctos
  • Best Pole Dancer: Everyone except CreativName of Corticos

Treaties of TYREdit


Culture of TYREdit

TYR is an alliance rich in culture, thanks to our amazing member nations and loyal friends.

Nine Worlds of TYREdit

Just a moment. We are still searching for our worlds.


Florida, the world that holds our friendship with RIA is considered the Fourth World of TYR.

Pole DancingEdit

Pole Dance

A long-standing tradition from the former TYR. It is said that every member nation are required to learn how to pole dance.

"Yay! Finally somewhere that my unique skills are accepted and appreciated!"

- Lottario, member of the former TYR

Long live, the Great Olive!

The Interior Council opens the School of Pole Dancing on July 12, 2011 as a way to ensure the continuity of the alliance's pole dancing traditions. All applicant nations of TYR must send one representative from his or her nation to learn the art of pole dancing.

The Undead RevolutionEdit

Main article: The Undead Revolution

A revolution that derives from the former TYR.

WickedJ[Fark]: stop the yelling, good lord..i heard you all the way over in #farkistan
Demolantis[Rapture]: lol
snogirl: LANNA! :D
Lanna[TYR]: lol
Lanna[TYR]: XD
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: i heard someone screaming while chatting in #tricom
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: WHO DIED?!
WickedJ[Fark]: was there a fire?
* Drakedeath[TC][Lord] counts people
Jt: i did that awhile ago
WickedJ[Fark]: you died awhile ago?
WickedJ[Fark]: ZOMBIE!!
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: lol
WickedJ[Fark]: TYR: the Zombie alliance
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: TYR is a typo
snogirl: ew, zombie legs.
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: iits supposed to be TUR
WickedJ[Fark]: ?
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: Through Undead Roots or something
WickedJ[Fark]: the undead revolution?
Lanna[TYR]: XD
Drakedeath[TC][Lord]: that works bettar

Poking RevolutionEdit

Another revolution that derives from the former TYR.

Timeline of TYREdit

  • Council Reign: July 1, 2011 - October 31, 20011
    • Head Councilors: Altantsetseg XXXVII, GOWFANATIC, and iKrolm

July 1, 2011:

  • iKrolm announces TYR's reformation in Black (link).
  • Lurunin announces the Prostitution Union (link).
  • Lurunin announces the recruitment competition between TYR and PPO (link).
  • Randalla announces the Exotic Pact (link).

July 18, 2011:

  • ShadowDragon announces the Cactuar of Nine Worlds (link).

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