Three Strikes of the COBRA War
Date May 15 - May 29, 2016
Casus belli Refusal of COBRA's leader to resign his post and LN's alleged efforts to dictate FCA's actions
Result Conditional peace between FCA and COBRA, FCA surrenders conditionally to LPC
Preceded by
Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
Succeeded by
The "For Steve!" War

COBRA Alliance Free COBRA Army

Mandarin's Banner C0BRA

Flag of Kashmir Kashmir

Limitless Nexus Flag Limitless Nexus

Goonsflaggx9 Goon Order of Neutral Shoving

The Three Strikes of the COBRA WAR began when the Free COBRA Army declared war on C0BRA and Limitless Nexus. The declaration against C0BRA was for leader General Kanabis's refusal to abdicate his throne, while Limitless Nexus was attacked for trying to dictate the activities of FCA. Limitless Nexus was already fighting with COBRA (and Kashmir) due to involvement in the Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp.

Series of EventsEdit

  • COBRA forms
  • COBRA joins the Libertarian Party of Cybernations.
  • COBRA leaves the LPCN and becomes a Kashmir Protectorate.
  • The Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp breaks out. COBRA supports protector by entering on Kashmir's behalf.
  • Some of COBRA surrenders to Limitless Nexus.
  • COBRA (led by General Kanabis) edits its AA to a different name in an attempt to be funny but the move backfires when Limitless Nexus changes its name to COBRA taking advantage of the situation. Original COBRA then changes its AA's name to C0BRA.
  • Exiled Members of old COBRA, nations that have surrendered, and other former members form the Free COBRA Army.
  • FCA demands C0BRA leader General Kanabis step down and return the COBRA AA to them.
  • General Kanabis refuses.
  • FCA then asks Kashmir to mediate on the issue and even try to convince Kanabis to step down; Kashmir refuses.
  • Dialogue on the CN Forums gives FCA the impression that LPCN is disrespecting and directing them.
  • War is declared on C0BRA and Limitless Nexus by the FCA.

Failed Coup D'etat

  • Monsters Inc leaves LPCN and steps in to help FCA.
  • Kashmir declares war on FCA in defense of Kanabis' alliance.
  • After negotiations FCA is almost granted white peace by LPCN.
  • Lucius Optimus leaks peace plans to C0BRA and Kashmir.
  • White peace is called off and Lucius Optimus steps down. A new peace is arranged that doesn't include Lucius Optimus.
  • FCA's war with C0BRA and Kashmir continues unabetted.
  • FCA agrees to peace with C0BRA and Kashmir.

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