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Established 5/1/2008
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Thomas Richmond (Teeranai Charuvastra) is a writing staff in the Imperial Office of Media Affairs of the New Pacific Order. He is stationed in the The Pacific Press as its Copy Editor.


Thomas Richmond founded the nation of Sheradia in early 2008. He waited a few weeks before he applied to join the NPO but due to making the newbie mistake of simply asking if he could join, rather than fill out a proper application he was once rejected. Not daunted however, and with patient members from the academy guiding him, Thomas reapplied and was accepted. He successfully passed the academy and became a full member of Pacifica.

New Pacific Order[]

Having joined because he random choose to be on the red team - thus sought a red alliance as well as being concerned that someone would tech raid him. Once in the Order, he picked up a few jobs. He was a member of the Diplomatic Corps and was the diplomat to UBD. Finding success in diplomatic work, he was promoted to Political Analyst for the blue team, which he monitored the activities of the various blue alliances as well as continuing his role as diplomat to UBD. From his Diplo experiences, Thomas feels proud to represent his Emperor where the Orders interests are concerned abroad. The chance to meet and talk with new people greatly appeals.

Working with the Media Corp, Thomas found work as a Scribe, working on producing articles for the Body Republic to read over. He contributed to the Pacific Press. With his work noticed by superiors, Thomas was promoted to the rank of "Senior Correspondent", overseeing scribes who work on the Pacific Press. He describes his style of writing as "creative", hating walls of text. Because of his use of so much colour, it lead one member of the Order to ask "Did you kidnap a rainbow when you typed this thread?".

For Thomas, the most influential people are in fact, just about every departmental leader. From MilCom, who inspires him through their creatively, discipline and leadership, as well as their major figures Umbrae Noctem and Lord Valleo. Additionally, he based his own creative works on those written by comrade Speer.

His most memorable experience was when he was awarded the Golden Quill - his first ever. He had, for a long time, looked up to people who had awards in their signatures, and couldn't believe it when he finally got one, an award that went on to inspire him to produce even better quality works.

His future aspirations include boost his nation's combat strength by owning aircraft carriers and all cruise missile related improvements. For the Order itself, he dreams of becoming the Imperial Officer of the News and Propaganda some day.


War History[]

Thomas was a member of the Four Horsemen squad.

Thomas Richmond's NPO War Ribbon Bar

GATO · BDC · CIS · Mk1lw8


Goldenquill - The Golden Quill, for excellence in Writing, Media Corps