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Official Flag of Thizzland

National Flag
"Peace, Love, Hyphyness"
Capital City New Oakland
Established 6/10/2007
(6,251 days old)
Government Type Revolutionary Revolutionary
Alliance The International
The International
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Orange Orange
Religion Mixed Mixed
Native Resources Rubber, and Water

Early History, before the Cyberverse[]

Thizzland was founded on another world on the shores of the East Pacific 10/1/2005. After making a short move to the region of California the Thizzlamic people found there home for the next two months. Following their short in stay in California, they moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where they settled.

The SFBA was populated by 6-10 nations and was a quiet, peaceful community. This is until it was invaded by the Heart of the Warrior Empire, an invader region who declared San Francisco Bay Area their colony.

Thizzland, being fed up with the oppressive regime, implored some of their friends to rise up and restore the SFBA to its greatness. The nations Burn1Love, Sexias, Utopifornia, and Del Playa were formed. They moved into the locked down region by with help from Thizzland.

Conducting their coup from the Oakland Hills the revolutionaries rose to the occasion and instated Thizzland as the delegate. Posting a copy of their Declaration of Independence the group of Freedom Fighters re-installed a peaceful government, and vowed to bring all raiders to justice.

Bay Area Declaration of Independence was published and Freedom was achieved on October 18, 2006.

Under the leadership of Thizzland, the region flourished for the next 11 months, growing to over 50 nations. Leading numerous campaigns against invaders and fascists.

Move to the Cyberverse and IRON[]

On 6/10/2007, following the nation of Seixas, Thizzlamic pioneers established a nation on Planet B. Forged on remarkably similar terrain, to that of the former SFBA, the new nation began to develop. Within the week in was offered a lucrative sum to join the IRON alliance and battle FAN. While in IRON Thizzland was able to grow thanks to help from other IRON nations. The people learned about improving their nation, alliance politics, and inter-alliance relationships.

The Orange Defense Network[]

Under Construction