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We, the independent nations of HeroesofGaming, hereby come together to create a balance of order and freedom. Through an efficient and balnced governing body, we pledge to increase our power and influence, while still remaining true to the freedoms each nation was founded upon.


A. Triumvirate[]

The elite rules of HoG, the triumvirate is both the creators of policy and the enforcers of it. Members of this body will be elected, with each position going up for election the month after the previous, thus making it so each triumvir serves a three month term. Elections will be held the 1st-3rd of every month.

B. General Council[]

These members represent the backbone of the alliance. The council is made up of three people elected by the alliance, and all top ministers in the alliance. This group will closely advise the triumvirate and should the situation warrant it it they may by majority vote call for a general recall vote against a member of the triumvirate.

C. General Assembly[]

The General Assembly is an aggregate of all accepted members of the alliance, headed by the Chairman. The Chairman is the ambassador for the People to the Consulate, and as such any issues to brought up should go through the Chairman. Each member of the General Assembly gets one vote in cases of impeachments, elections, etc. The General Assembly can veto the Triumvirate on any issue with a simple majority vote.

D. Ministers[]

Ministers will be those who act on behalf of the Triumvirate. They have the duty of organizing the efforts and policies of the triumvirate, due to that it should be considered that they serve at the leisure of the triumvirs and so at any time they may be removed. this also means that at any time the triumvirate may increase or decrease the number of ministries to best fit the needs of the alliance. All top ministers will serve on the General Council.

III. Amendments[]

This charter may be amended by a majority vote of the triumvirate and the general assembly.