The Zico Accords

Flag of Valhalla
Flag of BAPS

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: July 28, 2008
Treaty Status: Active

Text of TreatyEdit

Article I: Non-Aggression and FriendshipEdit

Valhalla and Boards Alliance of Protectorate States (Hereafter knows as BAPS) agree to abstain from aggressive military action and all forms of espionage against each other, and will maintain courteous relations in all public and private venues. All differences between the undersigned will be dealt with in private.

Article II: AidEdit

Valhalla and BAPS are encouraged, but not required, to provide economic and diplomatic aid when requested by the other signatory.

Article III: DefenseEdit

If another party takes aggressive action against Valhalla or BAPS, the other shall provide moral, diplomatic, and military support as requested. Additionally, an attack upon either party shall give rise to an independent casus belli for the other signatory, irrespective of requested support.

Military action taken to honor other treaty obligations shall be treated as an aggressive action for the purposes of this agreement. Additionally, attacks that are in retaliation for the aggressive military action Valhalla or BAPS shall be treated as aggressive action.

Article IV: Aggressive ActionEdit

In the event that Valhalla or BAPS decides to take aggressive military action against another party, the other signatory may, at its discretion, provide whatever aid is deemed necessary, up to and including joining in the military action. The undersigned are highly encouraged to consult with the other before engaging in any aggressive military action.

Article V: EspionageEdit

Valhalla and BAPS recognize that espionage against other sovereign alliances is neither honorable nor desirable; as such, the undersigned pledge not to engage in such activities.

Article VI: SovereigntyEdit

Valhalla and BAPS recognize and respect the sovereignty of the other and agree not to interfere with the internal affairs or political independence of the other signatory. Obligations arising from other agreements between the undersigned shall not be considered interference for this purpose.

Article VII: CancellationEdit

If Valhalla or BAPS finds that this agreement is no longer in their best interest, they may cancel the agreement with seventy-two (72) hours written notice, or immediately by mutual consent.

Any violation of Articles I, III, V or VI of this agreement shall give the non-violating signatory cause to cancel this agreement immediately


Signed for Boards Alliance of Protectorate States,Edit

Len Del Meurte, Triumvir
Inquitus, Triumvir
Moshea, Triumvir

Signed for Valhalla,Edit

Regent: Chefjoe
Vice Regent: Lysdexia
Security Consul: Tronix
Marshal: Bill n Ted
Chancellor: Hungchang
Emissary: The Pansy

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